Monday, July 11, 2022

Is it Really Tuesday?

 It doesn't feel like Tuesday already!  Since I retired, I have a hard time keeping up with the date, the day of the week, and so on.  Anyone else?

We hit a high of 100 yesterday, and the upcoming forecast basically looks the same.  We got a short burst of rain, but we are in what they call a moderate to severe drought, so we need more. I hope this rain really comes through!

Something I've been thinking about for a few days... When is the last time you wrote something, not types but actually wrote it with your hand?  Other than just a signature or quick grocery list (which I usually make on my phone now.)  I have a writing journal with prompts that I think I'm going to start using again so I can practice the art of handwriting.

Research shows there is a benefit to writing by hand. A professor of developmental psychology says, 

“Handwriting is a complex task which requires various skills – feeling the pen and paper, moving the writing implement, and directing movement by thought,” says Edouard Gentaz.

Additionally, research shows that hand writing improves the following:

  • Memory
  • Critical Thinking
  • Writing Ability
  • Relationship with the Reader
  • Sleep
  • Eyesight
  • Focus
  • Motor Skills
So let's start writing again!  I'm in!  Are you up for it?

And about that heat...

So true!!!!!!

And I do believe they have started, and not just Walmart!

You, too, right?

And speaking of Facebook... this happens all the time on Facebook when people argue!

And last, but not least...

Awww.  Poor kitty!

Have a great week and don't forget to visit Random Tuesday Thoughts and Happy Tuesday!


  1. I can tell ya, Florida is getting that rain!

  2. Heeheehee! My shady ex, that's a good one. Hope you have a blessed and beautiful day!


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