Thursday, July 07, 2022

Online Shopping (Thursday Thirteen)

For me, one of the positive things that has come out of this whole pandemic situation is that it is now more than acceptable to prefer online shopping to shopping in person.  That suits me just fine!  Here are some of the retailers I visit on the regular (even if I don't buy every time). 

1.  Amazon. Who doesn't love Amazon?  Free 2 day shipping!  They have literally everything.  I have never searched for something and come up completely empty.  Home goods, clothes, kitchen items, not to mention Kindle books!

2.  Hobby Lobby.  I like to buy all kinds of craft items and home decor.  Wood crafts, deco mesh, ribbon, scrapbook paper, stamps, fabric, and so on. They have great sales, and if it's not on sale this week, it will be next week.

3.  Michaels.  Same as with Hobby Lobby.  I look to see who has better prices, but at Michaels it's usually scrapbooking supplies or floral items.

4.  Walgreens.  I go in to Walgreens if I am picking up a prescription, but I shop online for other things like cotton rounds and vitamins.

5.  CVS.  Same as Walgreens.  I check to see who is having a better sale.

6.  Target.  Clothing, gifts, home goods, even groceries.  They don't have everything like Amazon, but close!

7.  Bath and Body Works.  Lotion, shower gel, home fragrance, car fragrance, hand sanitizer, and so on. Big sale going on now.

8.  Blick Art.  This place has GREAT prices on art supplies.  I mostly use it for colored pencils.  I can get them elsewhere, but they're cheaper here, and I love to color.

9.  The best place to shop for unique papercrafting items such as paper, adhesive, embellishments, stamps, and so on. Christmas in July sale!

10. Jo Ann.  This is the best place to get fabric because they have such a great selection, and they have good sales and coupons.  I've also purchased other crafting items here, but it's my favorite for fabric.

11. Chewy.   For all your pet needs.  I have a sweet kitty cat, and I also buy food and litter for my mom's two cats.  They usually have good prices.

12. Creative Fabrica.  This is where I go when I want to purchase cheap (sometimes free) designs and fonts for use with the Cricut.  They also have articles, classes, needlecraft supplies and other tools.  

13. Kohls.  Obviously clothing, but they also have shoes, bedding, and appliances.

Ca-ching! I get cash back with Rakuten from a lot of these places!  If you've never checked it out, what are you waiting for?  Cash back from your favorite places!

What are your favorite stores?

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  1. Amazon has simplified a lot of our lives but I miss being able to try things on. I thought Joann's Fabric was only near where I live.

  2. I've heard lots of good things about Chewy. We use Amazon a lot more than I'd like, but it is hard to beat its convenience.

  3. Amazon was one of those god-send things during the pandemic. Sometimes it seemed like I was ordering weekly. I had prime so I went slaphappy not waiting to ring up the minimum to get free delivery. Once I gave up prime, my purchases have gone down to hardly ever. Funny how that changed.


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