Sunday, August 09, 2015

Weekly Roundup

I'm linking up with High Heeled Love and My So-Called Chaos for the Weekly Roundup. 

Here are a few of the posts I read this week that I really enjoyed.

Time Out for Mom - Currently:  State of Being

It's hard to describe this post, but it is so relevant for me.  It's all about being content with your current state of being.  Take about ten minutes and see what you think.  I definitely got something out of it.

The DIY Playbook - How to Hide a Printer

What a clever idea!  I have a printer on a glass table top that is somewhat of an eyesore.  This easy solution, using a wicker basket, may be perfect for me!  And the steps seem very easy to follow.

Scary Mommy - How to "Win" Every Fight with your Spouse

Everyone argues at some point or other.  Scary Mommy is known, among other things, for sarcasm.  This was a super-fun read, and while tips 1-9 probably constitute what many of us do,  #10 and it's two successive options are actually quite reasonable.

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