Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I Like about the School Where I Work.

I hear so many complaints about schools across our country, but I want people to know that all schools are not bad, even public schools.  There are many things I like about my district and the  school where I teach 6th grade English/Language Arts.

1.  My colleagues and I truly are in the business to help children learn.  I seriously can't think of anyone who is just "drawing a paycheck" and "biding his/her time."
2.  My district does not subscribe to "common core" teaching methods or materials.
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3.  This year, my district has decided not to be concerned with the federal money we would get from following Michelle Obama's "nutritional guidelines" but to use a common sense approach instead and fund the free/reduced price lunch program ourselves. We want our students to eat healthy, but if they won't eat the lunch at all, they are getting no nutrition, so we will decide what foods to serve that can actually taste good and be healthy at the same time.  The kids in the past few years would either not get lunch (even if it was free), or they would throw it away.

4.  My principal is a man of faith.  Recently, when I had my car accident, the faculty was in a meeting.  He immediately stopped and led a prayer on my behalf.  He reads his Bible during down time, and it is usually on his desk.
5.  We have counselors who work so hard to provide for kids' needs.
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6.  Our district is moving toward more personalized learning meaning students will sometimes have choices about how to acquire information or how to present information while still achieving state learning goals.
7.Our district is actually opposed to the particular state assessment we are required to use at this time, and we have joined a consortium of other school districts who are also opposed.  I don't know what progress they have made so far, but I know they are educated, respected, and tenacious.
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8.  Jimmy Johns delivers to my campus.  This is seriously important if you forget your lunch!  Haha!
9. Teachers get a 30 minute duty-free lunch.  This is required by law, but sometimes teachers end up spending part of their lunch periods escorting and assisting students in spite of the law.
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10.  All of our students will have tablets or laptops issued to them this year from 4th grade up.  The district provides great technology training.
11.  We have instructional coaches who are a great resource to help us find original methods of lesson delivery, how to incorporate technology that meets our educational goals, provide feedback when requested, and help our curriculum with vertical alignment.

12.  We have the BEST campus nurse.  She has a special room for teachers where she can take our blood pressure, help us decide if we need to see a doctor, or just let us rest.  She keeps over-the-counter medicine stocked for us. She also helps us by providing on campus vaccinations and flu shots for teachers, blood drives, free mammograms, and many other programs.
13.  And best of all, it takes less than 15 minutes to get to my school!

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  1. Yeah, inservice starts Monday, students start 8/31. I'd make such a list myself but, sadly, I'm not sure I could find 13 positive things to say....

  2. wonderful reasons I retired 2006 due to illness and tutor part time I loved it all !!

  3. Your school sounds like a great place to be. I totally agree with idea that there are many fine learning environments/schools out there. I work one of the great ones, too. :)

  4. All of our kids got tablets this year. You find some of the best of the best in schools.

  5. I always loved school and still do. Teachers saved my life. I love them.


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