Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

Things to Take to College that You Might not Have Thought Of

1.  Safety pins - These can be used for a variety of things... pinning back curtains, repairing an article of clothing when you don't have time to sew, or to make a costume.

And speaking of costumes...

2.  Old T shirts, fabric, tulle, old costumes - If  you're going to attend "rush," or dress up for Halloween, or attend theme mixers, you mightSleep need some of these to create an appropriate outfit or costume.

3.  Earplugs - You never know if your roommate is going to snore or if there will be noisy construction going on outside your dorm in the early morning hours.

4.  Sleep Mask - You may have a roommate who turns the lights on at night or a window without room-darkening shades or curtains.
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5.  Duct Tape - What CAN'T you do with duct tape?  You can cover wires, tape your rug down so it won't slip, and secure loose items.  You might even need some for one of those previously mentioned costumes.

6.  Boot Tray - If your college student lives where there is snow, this will come in handy.  He/she will need a place to put the boots to dry.
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7.  Stamps and Stationery - Most college students, freshmen in particular, get a kick out of sending snail mail. I know my daughter did, and still does!  Having the stamps at the ready means she can send a letter without having to worry about where to buy a stamp.  And she loves having stationery to write on rather than notebook paper and a plain envelope.

8.  An Address Book with Phone Numbers - If technology fails, having a written list of addresses (which he/she will need for snail mail anyway)  and phone numbers will come in handy.
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9.  Brita Filter Water Pitcher - Unless you're familiar with the area and know what the water tastes like, you might not want to take your chances that the water will taste good.  Having a filtered pitcher can make water that comes out of old pipes actually taste fresh.  This might even be a way to avoid having to buy bottled water.

10.  Sports Equipment - Taking a soccer ball out to the field is a great way to work out.  It could also lead to an impromptu game in which students can make new friends or practice for intramural teams.
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11.  A Mattress Topper - My daughter said she could not have slept on her mattress last year without the topper I got her.  Some people call them "egg crates."  They are usually made of foam. I recommend getting at least a two inch topper.  They come in twin, twin XL, full, and larger.  In the old days, we had to buy foam and cut it, but now it's sold in sizes that fit perfectly on the mattress.  Just make sure to get deep pocket sheets that will cover the topper and mattress both.

12.  Mini Safe - Better safe than sorry.  A mini safe can be a place to keep money or jewelry when you're out and you want to be absolutely sure that it is safely stored.

13. Semi-Formal or Formal Attire - A nice dress or suit may be necessary.  Even if your student isn't part of a fraternity or sorority, there are often events that require more than just khakis and a polo. The college may host events requiring something other than casual dress as do many professional societies.  It will also come in handy for mock (or real!) interviews.

I can't say I am happy that my girl is going back to college today, but I am proud.  She is going a week early to volunteer her time and talent with Welcome Week for the incoming freshmen.  The tears are going to flow.

Sources:  Me, of course!  Real Simple. Her Campus.

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  1. great list and items I was always searching for !!

  2. Thanks for this list. It'll be useful as I help my guy pack for college.

  3. What a great and helpful list. Your daughter is beautiful!

  4. Numbers 6 and 7 always came in handy for me, as did a mini tool kit and sewing kit.

  5. All excellent ideas for the college student. I wouldn't have thought of some of those.

  6. All of these are perfect. One thing I loved having was a gift from my oldest sister. It was an electric pot (I can't find anything that looks like it) and I could heat water, soup or (my favorite) spagetti-os. I used that thing forever. I could keep it in my room and it was AWESOME when I got sick.


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