Tuesday, August 04, 2015


I'm linking up with Stacy Uncorked for some randomness!

Cell phones - Ugh!  I talked about this last week.  Everywhere I go, I hear people's private conversations.  The car wash, doctor's office, pharmacy, restaurants.  Why can't they at least speak in hushed tones?  I don't need to know all about their visit to their aunt in the nursing home or their first date with the hot guy or the vacation they are taking.  Do these people not even have a clue at how annoying they are?

Deep breath.  Okay.  I'm done. For now.

Smokey eyes.  All the makeup ads talk about how to create the perfect smokey eye shadow.  I love these looks!
image credit
image credit
Unfortunately, I have very small eyes, so when I try to create a smokey eye, it just looks like someone punched me and gave me a black eye that would look something like this:
image credit
That probably wouldn't go over too well at work!  Besides, think of the time I'm saving by NOT trying to do smokey eyes.

On an unrelated note, although maybe the eye makeup above does suggest the aberrations... I started watching Wayward Pines, the new series with Matt Dillon because I thought I needed to catch up.  I watched all ten episodes on Hulu.  Then, I find out that there may only be a season 1.  What?  Why?   I didn't have to hurry to catch up?  Ugh!  Now they tell me!  But it was getting too "zombie apocalypse,"on me.  I'm not big on zombies, not even the Walking Dead (gasp!).

Speaking of a zombie apocalypse, school starts soon.  Teachers go back in two weeks and students in three.  I have workshops this week as well.  In fact, yesterday was my first full day "working" since school got out in June.  This is how I feel about it:
image credit
Now this is TRULY unrelated... Have you seen the Outback restaurant commercial about the flat-iron steak?  At one point, the speaker says, "Starting at 13.99," except he pronounces 13 not as thir' teen or thir teen'  but thirdeen, the "t" like a "d" and no accent on either syllable..  Take 16 seconds and see if you notice it.  It probably only bugs me because I'm an English teacher.  What do you think:

Have a great week!


  1. Interesting observation on the Outback commercial! I posted about a commercial rant in my RTT post too. Great minds think alike!
    I love the smoky eye look too but have never perfected it. I own a lot of makeup but don't really have any good skill with it.
    I dread that my kids are going back to school. I like spending time with them. My son turns 16 years old on the very first day back. He's not thrilled about that at all.

  2. Yes to loud people on phones. It's like people have forgotten that we're in public and that rules still apply! I also noticed the odd 13 pronunciation. I am also an English teacher. I know he's racking a fake Aussie accent but it drives me nuts!

  3. Loud people on cell phones are very VERY annoying! I don't want to hear their conversation!

    Love the smokey eye look - I do a version of that with my eye makeup, but it never looks as good as those pictures. :)

    The hubby and I LOVED Wayward Pines! They're still trying to decide if they'll do a second season - they were surprised by the upswing in viewer numbers for the last few episodes, especially the finale. So *fingers crossed* they get a green light for another season! Though I'm with you on the whole zombie apocalypse mode...I'm not a fan of that part. ;)

    The kids don't go back until the Tuesday after Labor Day here - I look forward to having the house to myself during the day again, but will miss having the minions underfoot each day. ;)

    I did notice that about the Outback commercial! I thought my ears were off - and it did bug me, in spite of me not being an English teacher. :)

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