Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekly Roundup

These are a few of my favorite reads this week.  Visit High-Heeled Love and My So-Called Chaos to join in!

Newlifeoutlook - How to Help Someone with Depression

Since my surgery, and a few other family crises, I have been depressed lately.  I also had a car accident Monday last, and that has complicated my emotions further.  Although it was intended for a family member or friend of a person suffering from depression, I believe the person experiencing depression could also benefit from reading it.  I especially thought the information on page 2 was helpful.  Actually, I read a number of articles on the site, and found most of them beneficial.

Organize and Decorate Everything - Back to School Gift Bags for Kids

Considering it's back-to-school time, I thought this was a terrific post!  I wish my kids were still young enough that I could make these gift bags for them, but it does give me ideas for care packages to send to my college students.

Mod Podge Rocks - Scrapbook Embellishments with Mod Melts

I love to scrapbook, and I'm always looking for inexpensive embellishments for my pages.  What I learned from this post is that if I have a silicone mold, a glue gun, and mod melts glue sticks (which come in a variety of colors including metallics), I can make my own embellishments.  Sounds so simple!

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  1. Thanks for joining the Weekly Round-Up party and sharing your favorite reads. I'm sorry that life has been down on you lately; hope you come through the dark clouds soon.


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