Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

13 Signs that the End of the School Year is Near

1. End-of-Year Band Concerts to Attend. (fun band friends!)
2. Athletic and activity meetings to attend for the coming year.
3. Awards Ceremonies
4. National (Junior) Honor Society Ceremony
5. Tryouts for next year's teams (dance, athletics, color guard, etc.)
6. Field trips and parties
7. Textbook collection (I'll be glad when we go to electronic texts... someday)
8. Final exams
9. State testing scores issued
10. Registration for next year's courses
11. Registration for summer camps (athletic and church)

12. Grades to finalize
13. The best sign of the end of the school year? The cute countdown clock in my sidebar!


  1. Oh I miss the energy of the end of the school year. It is so much better than then the count down to the beginning of the year.

  2. We have 12 days of school left (after today) - just attended the ES concert last night :) Other signs of summer = signing up for camp, planning R&R travel, trying to figure out what summer clothes from last year still fit the kids(!). Not that they're wearing much yet... down to 55F this morning. That is not shorts weather!

  3. I'm a nerd and I really miss school. Wouldn't mind going back for a while.

  4. Yay! Girls are home for the entire summer. LOL Bored wow!
    Happy T13!

  5. Yep, textbook collection is a sure and final sign. Hard to believe the school year is almost over.

  6. Been there- dona all that. There is life after it all ends :)

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  7. Yesterday Bud and I saw bus loads of kids at a park with the 'volunteer moms' carrying coolers and boxes of sack lunches!!

    My 13 is TV flashback, with Paul Lynde. Comedy responses HERE

    Do hope you can find time to stop by for a visit.

  8. Did this school year fly by or is it just me????

  9. @Skittles - Even my NINE year old complained about the year going too fast. When kids notice, it means you're not imagining it ;D

  10. NOOOOO! My school year has DRAGGED, and I cannot wait for it to be over. It has been horrible!

  11. We are done with our curriculum and surpassed the states required days in March so we are just having fun and doing projects as they present themselves. Sure glad I don't have to do everything you do at the end of school! ~ Calico Contemplations

  12. I can see how impatient you are to welcome summer :)

  13. Strange, we're just getting cold here. Although we do get a 4-week break in about 4 weeks time.

  14. Great list. I can't wait for summer break!

  15. the clock tick is the sweetest :)


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