Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Dog

We recently got new furniture, and we think we've trained the dog not to get on it. We bought him a really soft bed, and he seems to enjoy laying in it. The trouble? He doesn't seem to be able to control his peeing! He peed in his bed today, then he layed in it. So, we washed the bed, and we gave the dog a bath, and cleaned the floor where the bed had been.

But we have no idea why he's peeing in the house! He's getting old, yes, but still. Before we got our new furniture, he peed on the pillows on the couch and on some blankets upstairs (he's not allowed upstairs anymore - we got a gate to keep him from getting on the stairs). Right before the new furniture came, he got on the old loveseat and peed right in front of my husband and me. What is up with that dog? The vet didn't really have any suggestions, so I'm hoping maybe some of you do. We've got to get him to stop peeing in the house!

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