Friday, May 21, 2010

The Poetry of Phrases

I taught my 7th grade language arts classes how to identify and write different types of phrases: prepositional, appositive, infinitive, and participial. Then, we chose a topic and wrote several of each type of phrase. We then selected some and rearranged them into a poem. Here was one of my examples:

To be satisfied with life,
To have peace of mind,
Knowing your purpose,
Feeling content,
Security and warmth,
In your heart...
Beyond sadness.

Link your original writing at Weekend Writer's Retreat.


  1. That came out remarkably well.

    Good to see you on the retreat.

  2. Great project - hope some of them got bitten by the poetry bug.

  3. Jumped over from Weekend Writer's Retreat...

    A great example and a wonderful way to teach phrases to students (I'm an ex-teacher and always loved innovative, unique approaches to teaching). Like Julia, I hope some of them feel confident enough to experiment with poetry as they move forward.


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