Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do you ever Wonder?

Things I sometimes Wonder:

Does everyone spit in the shower?
Does anyone else flush a public toilet with their foot?
And last, does anyone else have dreams that feel so real that when you wake up, you feel it was real for a long, long, time? As if you just can't shake it?


  1. I do not spit in the shower.

    I am a foot fact, when I first started blogging, I did a post about it.

    Yes, I have had dreams that stay with me for days. Especially bad dreams.

  2. you and your yucky bathroom questions. lol

  3. as embarrassing as this is to admit I have spit in my immaculately clean shower but I AIM for the drain! Also... I ONLY flush with the foot in public toilets..(I too did a long blog post on my public toilet ocd habits) and OMG are my dreams REAL!AND they DO stay with me!
    u are too funny Diana! what ElSE do u wonder about? hhah

  4. i don't spit in the shower
    I don't flush with my foot
    but I some times feel that kinda dream.


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