Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Want to Buy... Soon

1. Living room furniture
2. A new rug for the living room

3. A screen to put between the bath and bedroom area

4. A trampoline for my daughter's birthday

5. A new refrigerator

6. A new coat rack

7. New bar stools for the house

8. A new stool to use at school

9. A doggie bed for Rocky

10. Lamps for the bedroom

11. A gas grill

12. A new dishwasher

13. Metal wall art

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  1. Oooh... I really like the metal wall art!

  2. Just a thought--we had an old gas grill, but we liked the charcoal one better so we gave the gas one to a friend. Consider trying someone's gas grill before you buy your own.

  3. I like the metal wall art too.
    I have been slowly replacing everything in the apartment. It's fun when a new appliance arrives. Though I always hold my breathe when we flip the switch for the first time :)
    Hope you get each and everything on your list, plus something super special just for you.
    I played TT too.

  4. I want a new refrigerator too. I want the kind with the freezer section on the bottom.

  5. I was pleased to get the #1 thing on my wish list at a yard sale this morning: closet door shoe organizers! I know, i am easy to please. But I find that just having the list helps keep me focused.
    Next on the list are boys size 8 soccer cleats. Wish me luck.

  6. Trampolines are fun! We used to have one when my sister and I were kids! I have a list of things I want to buy too, maybe I should write it up sometime. For today, I wrote a list of 13 reasons why I blog, it's here:

  7. I would love to have my own living room furniture. My own dining set too for that matter. But, we move all the time, and the Embassy does not move furniture, so we are issued furniture. Not what I would pick. Thank goodness for covers. One day we'll have our own stuff, but I do not see it happening soon.


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