Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

My students are completing an assessment on The Giver by Lois Lowry tomorrow in class. Here are 13 things I hope they have gained from this unit.

1. The importance of memory.
2. Authors use symbols to represent conrete ideas.
3. Lowry intentionally didn't complete the ending so that her readers could perceive things based on their personal schema instead of hers.
4. Sameness is not the same thing as equality.
5. Each person was suited for his or her assignment based on aptitude, interests, and temperament.
6. There are different ideas about what makes a family a family.
7. Utopia to one person may not be Utopia to another person.
8. The Community controlled the number of children each family unit could have so that they would not experience over population.
9. The Community members worked to benefit the Community rather than self.
10. Jonas saved Gabriel from being released because he had feelings and memories and learned about love.
11. Precision of language was important in the Community.
12. The Receiver of Memory was called upon to give advice to the Committee of Elders since they didn't have the memories from which to draw wisdom.
13. There were pros and cons to the type of life described in the Community.

If you have never had a chance to read this young adult novel, I highly recommend it.
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  1. I haven't read it, but I'll add it on my list! Sounds interesting!

  2. Hope one of them is smart enough to read your list :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. OM! I've got some reading to do. Newest follower (via Thurs.13)

    My neighbor who is a PUBLISHED author (Dirty Little Secrets by Cynthia Jaynes Omololu) says I want to be a writer and her advice is to READ to be a better writer. I think your blog just may resurrect some of my schooling and wake up some brain cells.

    Looking forward to delving in a little deeper.


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