Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Miss About Being a Kid

1. Saturday morning cartoons such as The Pink Panther.
2. Comic books! My favorites were Archie and Richie Rich.
3. Swimming in the pool in my grandmother's neighborhood in Canyon Lake, TX.
4. Summer camp at Winiwaca with Camp Fire Girls.
5. Knowing all the words to current songs on the radio.
6. Cream of Wheat for breakfast.
7. Playing Red Light, Green Light.
8. Going roller skating (the kind with 4 wheels!) on the weekends.
9. Playing freeze tag.
10. Riding my bike all over the neighborhood with no helmet and feeling pretty safe doing so.
11. No bills to pay.
12. Buying a treat from the ice cream man.
13. Sipping a cherry coke in the Rexall Drugstore.

What do you miss about childhood?
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  1. lots of the things you mentioned, plus always being on the go on my bike, free and unfettered, only going home for lunch and dinner in the summers.

  2. When the first of my high school buddies had her first child, she said she had a special treat for me. We went to the playground. And no one made us leave. When you have kids, you get to do all those fun kid things all over again.

  3. Swings! I get to go on the swings every day with my girls, and I dress up in fairy wings and princess dresses.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! This is most excellent. Brought back memories galore for me. Ya, riding a bike with no helmet...we actually survived that, didn't we?!! And a drug store soda fountain. Whoa! Saturday Cartoons?!!! Loved Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, AND Pepe le Pew....oh boy....this was a great trip down memory lane.

    My thirteen is photos of historical homes in town. Come by to view if you'd like. I'd love your company today. My Tour

  5. 2 9 and 13 so me. Except I sipped a malt..sandy

  6. Remembering the freedom of my childhood is bittersweet, as I've had to keep such a short leash on my kids in this crazy world of late. I wish they could've experience that kind of freedom.
    Happy T13!

  7. What a cute list! I remember just about all of these things!

  8. I miss school. Yeah, I was a nerd but I really liked it.

  9. Are there still Rexall's? WE use to go there for candy and of course, Archie comic books.

    Have a great day!

  10. I'm with you on Saturday morning cartoons. When I think of childhood, I think of riding my bike all over the place, the ice cream man, watching saved by the bell reruns and slumber parties!!

  11. Hi, I'm visiting from the Thursday 13 link up. I can relate to a lot that you mentioned! I miss Saturday morning cartoons and 4 wheel roller skating as well. I miss riding Big Wheels all day in the warm summer sun with my friends, and swinging as high as we could on the swingset.

  12. OMG your brought back so many memories from childhood! Great list

  13. I can't remember what I missed. I had all fun a kid could get, I guess :D

    great list D.

  14. I was just on the phone a few minutes ago when the ice cream truck went by. Yes.. even now.. I still want to chase him down the street.

  15. Sounds a bit nostalgic! Oh to be young again! I'd chase that ice cream truck for a big stick with all that cherry banana flavor!

  16. What a great list - I remember all of these including Camp Winiwaca!!! Such a wonderful place!

  17. I went to Camp Winiwaca for 6 summers!! What a wonderful place and time!


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