Friday, April 23, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Come in! Come in! Welcome! I'm glad you're here! I hope you're having a beautiful Friday. I know I will be having an interesting day. I'm going to Alabama to attend a marriage enrichment seminar.

Which of Rachel Anne's small things did you get done this week? Did you get that "one last thing" finished up on Wednesday? I did. I ordered my son's birthday present, which he's been bugging me about for a month now. Done! Feels good.

Did you complete her "groupies" thing? Hop on over to BlogFrog and join! I've already begun following 7 people and have joined both Rachel Anne's community and the one for 5 Minutes for Mom. And speaking of groupies, I started reading I'm With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie by Pamela DesBarres (for a book club, not my selection). I'm not too sure I'm going to like it or finish it, though. It's certainly not as good as the last book I finished, Nefertiti. I love to read, though!

Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you a happy weekend! And while you're here, why not stop by and put your name in to win a copy of Love in a Time of Homeschooling:A Mother and Daughter's Uncommon Year, by Laura Brodie?


  1. I started to say I didn't get a single small thing accomplished this week. But I did do the blogfrog, yay, me! I haven't really figured it out, though...maybe this weekend!

    I am a reader, too but don't get to do much of it these days. Hope the book gets better!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love to read tto...even if it's not some too interesting I'll keep reading just to say I read the book. =p Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I accomplished the blogfrog and the last thing! Feels so good to get something done!

    I'm still trying to figure out the blogfrog thing. Hoping I can be taught:) I'm excited about it none the less.

    I like to read too. I enjoy fiction mostly. Don't have the opportunity to read nearly as much as I'd like! I'll look forward to your reviews and recommendations.

    Have a great weekend!


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