Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday 13

Last week I said my Thursday 13 was the third and last in my series of destinations. Well, it wasn't. Latree gave me a great idea!

My original destinations T13 was a list of places I've been to in Texas. The second was a list of places I've enjoyed visiting outside of Texas. The third in the series listed destinations I would like to visit someday. This fourth post on destinations is about places I would like to go in order to meet some of my online blogging friends. They could also show me around their beautiful cities: history, art, museums, architecture, culture. Wouldn't that be fun?

So, in no particular order, I would like to visit...

1. Indonesia - to meet Latree. She is the inspiration for this post. Latree said she has beautiful temples I would enjoy seeing. Plus, I would love to meet her daughter and twin boys.

2. Long Island, New York - I'd love to meet my friend Lucy and have her style my hair. Then she could take me for Italian food (or cook it, even!).

3. Connecticut - to meet Tammy. I would take her out for a night on the town and we would laugh ourselves silly!

4. Michigan - to meet Skittles! We would stay in pajamas all day playing computer games, and if she was up to it, I'd take her out for some sugar-free ice cream.

5. California - to meet Tamy, but I may not have to because she may be moving pretty close to me soon! We could swap cleaning tips and she's promised to cook a meal for me. Maybe we'll even catch a movie together.

6.Apple Valley, California - to meet Jennifer. We'd talk about books since we both love to read. And probably Facebook games, too.

7. Memphis, Tennessee - to meet Calico and Grandma - They could show me Graceland. And we'd have a great time talking about family, books, and writing.

8. Idaho Falls - to meet Eve - We'd also talk about books. And we'd gossip about our families.

9. Somewhere in the "country" part of Texas - to meet Rachel Anne. I could pick her brain about organizational tools and decorating, and we'd have a nice visit.

10. Spartanburg, SC - to meet Jenn - we're both moms, and I think we'd get along just fine and have lots to talk about.

11. Oshkosh, WI - to meet Penelope Anne - we could shop at the Oshkosh b'gosh store! We'd chat and laugh, too.

12. Australia - to meet Melanie - Boy would it be great to see her create her scrapbook pages in person, and I'd love to meet her family.

13. Canada - to meet twin moms Susan and Janice - I would love to know how they got their start in building such a successful blog and business.

Visit more Thursday 13!

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  1. You could totally come here for a visit! And I would go with you to visit Eve in Idaho. :)

  2. You can come see me any time!

  3. You have bloggy friends all over the place. How fun! I hope you get to travel to meet some of them someday.

  4. Cute idea for another destination T13! I need to get back to T13 as soon as we get settled. BTW can we share some popcorn at that movie? Better yet, maybe we can do a crop together - those are always fun. See you soon.

  5. How very fun. It's great how you have places to go AND people to see! Gives me a good idea for a Thursday 13 too...

    Happy TT!

  6. How cool, I made the list. The only way I'll ever see Graceland is if I'm taking a guest who wants to see it. Miss Muffin doesn't even know who Elvis is so she has no interest in going.

  7. I think it would be really fun to travel around to meet bloggy friends.

  8. Our door is open. Well, actually, it's shut to keep the pets in and the weather out. But ya know what I mean. It would surely be fun to meet you and other blogger friends too.

    My TT: Totally Obsessed

  9. You know your always welcome sweetie. lol We could scrap together.

    I have always wanted to go to Indonesia and see the temples too.


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