Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

I haven't done a tackle in a while, but this week, I tackled some household and computer tasks that needed to be taken care of.

First, I filed my paper statements. This didn't take long since I'm am trying to go completely paperless.

Second, I weeded out "My Documents" and various other places where things were saved on the computer including pictures. I emptied my recycle bin of 4,961 items. Yep, you read that right!

Then, I organized what remained in my My Documents into folders according to content. Should make life easier!
Last I ran the Disk Cleanup program and deleted temporary Interent files.Next, I plan to backup all of my documents and photos and weed out unnecessary emails and categorize them into folders for the ones I need to keep. I'm also defragging my computer tonight hoping it will speed things up for me.

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  1. Sounds like you are ahead of the game. I'm hosting a spring cleaning theme over at http://tmschallenges.blogspot.com/ this month and the computer is on our to do list for the last week of March when Martha takes over for the tax and file theme.

  2. You and Tamy are being busy bunnies and I am a lazy lump who can barely get her butt in gear to get the required basics accomplished. The computer stuff though is Allen's job. Though I suppose now that I have my own laptop (V-day gift) that I will have to take care of that one on my own.

  3. Oh the computer - just one more place to pile up junk! More and more stuff gets saved on my computer. I should follow your example and clean it up.

  4. I seem to be deleting and cleaning up the computer weekely here, good job on it.

    The picture folders are where I fail. lol I always need to work through those ones.

  5. great!

    my hard disk is oh so messy
    thank God I have a one click tune-up maintenance. still I need to tide up my files. but why oh why do I feel so lazy to do that?

  6. Awesome! I need to tackle this stuff too - and badly! I can't wait to get organized and especially paperless!

  7. These are great ideas and I appreciate you sharing with us.
    Thank you also for stopping by the Motivation Station and for your comment, I appreciate it.


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