Monday, March 01, 2010

Heads or Tails

Thanks, Barb, for hosting Heads or Tails.

The topic today is .... CUP.

If you ever get to go back in time (like the characters on my favorite show, Lost) maybe you will be transported back to ancient civilization. One occupation you might choose is CUP-bearer, or perhaps the occupation actually chooses you. Qualifications for the position include developing rapport with the king, the ability to keep trusted secrets, and the willingness to die should you have to taste poisoned wine before it is given to the king.

In all seriousness, the CUP-bearer was an important, trusted, greatly valued,and high-ranking official in a king's court. His job was to serve drinks to those at the royal table. But the king also shared confidential secrets with the CUP-bearer and held the CUP-bearer in the highest esteem. The CUP-bearer in return, did his best to protect the king from those who would do him harm. The CUP-bearers were held in high regard among all of the court and only a select few would be accepted to this role. One CUP-bearer who later became important Biblically, was Nehemiah.

The first mention of a CUP-bearer is in Genesis 40:1. The title is used throughout the Old Testament of the Bible. And if you'd like to learn more, Wikipedia has a very detailed article.

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  1. Interesting facts Diana, such a honour to be the cup-bearer.

  2. What a very interesting post and a great illustration. I learn such a lot from blogging.

  3. I'll remember this next time My Dearest asks for a cup of tea :-)
    Enjoyed that.

  4. Interesting post. But don't expect to see me applying for that position. I'm just not noble enough to be drinking poison for anybody!

    My HoT:My Cup

  5. This was so very educational!!!

    My H O T today is A Cup of Tea...a cookie....and you This is my invitation for you to come pay me a visit if you can find time!! [scroll down below my Ruby Tuesday]

    Have a super, great day!

  6. I didn't know that. Very interesting!

  7. Oh how interesting! I love the history of such things. I shall be checking out that scripture.

  8. How cool is that little history lesson?!? Thank you!

  9. Lovely post.

    Happy TQM!
    Happy RT!
    Happy HOT!






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