Sunday, March 07, 2010

No Oscars for Me Again

About this time last year, I posted about not having seen any of the movies that were up for Academy Awards in 2009. Since then, I've seen three of last year's five nominees, and I wasn't very impressed with them. The critics and I almost always disagree!

This year, I have only seen two of the nominated films: Avatar (which I liked) and The Blind Side (which I choose for Best Picture). I am not planning to see District 9 because too many people I usually agree with told me how much they disliked it, and the subject matter doesn't interest me. I'm surprised to see Up on the list. I'm not suprised to see Inglourious Basterds, though I haven't seen it yet. I'm not a big QT fan. I plan to see Up in the Air when it comes out on DVD. I have heard of Precious, but I don't plan to see it. I have never heard of the other nominees: A Serious Man, An Education, and The Hurt Locker. What are your opinions?

Did anyone else notice there are 10 nominees for Best Picture this year when there were only 5 last year? I have no idea why!

Is anyone hosting or attending an Oscar party? You can get your Oscar essentials here including ballots, bingo cards, a crossword puzzle, and more! As for me, I'll catch the winners on the 'Net afterwards.


  1. I haven't seen any! Although I want to see Avatar and it is showing in 3D nearby. We are completely out of the habit of going to the theatre. We wait until shows win awards and come out on DVD, for movies and series :)

  2. i just like to watch the fashion. I haven't even heard of half the movies or saw any of them.

  3. I liked District 9, but it is gruesome in a slaughterhouse kind of way.

  4. I went to my nieces for dinner and the show and like Tammy I like to see the dresses and such and then of course I like to see how badly they mess with the English language, though I have to admit many of last night's speeches were not bad.

    While I had seen District 9 and Inglorious bastards (hubby brought them home) I didn't like either of them (and neither did hubby)! I still intend to see Blindside (LOVE Sandra!) and possible Up in the Air because my family yesterday said it was very good.


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