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Monday, June 22, 2009

Voting Begins Today

Hi all! Voting for photos begins today at Company Girl. The winners will have their photos published in a beautiful coffee table style book about friendship. I have two photos I'd love you to vote for: one of my daughter and her two friends waiting to get makeovers and one of three of my blog/facebook/real life friends when we met for the first time. (D, Kris, and Bubba's Sis are in that picture.) They are numbers 310 and 311. I'd love to get a vote from you!


  1. I just put my votes in!! :) Cute!!

  2. I voted! What a fun surprise to see us! :) I'm rooting for both your pictures.

  3. gee Di I am so hoping I voted! I just clicked on the photos.. is that all there is to do to vote?? or do I do something more official?!
    Good luck! xo

  4. Good luck with the competition Diana.


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