Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Over at 5 Minutes for Mom, one of my favorite websites, they feature Tackle it Tuesday. I haven't posted on this feature in a long time, but I did tackle something this week. I put my cute gardening gloves on and pulled weeds. Look at this pile of weeds! My husband will plant, but he does not pull weeds. I offered my son $5 to do it, but after a few days, they were still there, so I tackled it myself.

This Texas sun is baking my plants! So, I watered. But I think I'm going to have to replace some of them and also add a few. It looks a little bare. Plus, I cleaned out the area in front of the porch, on the left side of the photo, so I can plant some summer flowers there. I'll post pics when I actually get the energy to do that. And yup, someone's watching me out the window instead of coming to help!

If you tackled a project of any kind, post it and let us see!

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  1. I love your brick house! I need to get out and weed around the watermelons and tomatoes!

  2. why is it that kids don't do things for money anymore?? when we were kids we would offer to shovel a driveway with 20 inches of snow for 2 bucks!!
    glad you got yourself in gear!! Can't wait to see your flowering photos! xo

  3. my kids think that all outdoor chores are a spectator sport.

  4. Weeding is that one job that everyone hates, me included but you feel so happy when it is done.


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