Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's All Good!

I have had an incredible start of summer! Friday was my last workday for 2 1/2 months, and I only had to be there for two hours.

Sunday, I attended my awesome nephew's graduation ceremony. He graduated with honors on the Distinguished Achievement Program, received several scholarships, and will attend Texas A&M in College Station this fall.

Also on Sunday, my son got to go to a paintball party. He had so much fun! Monday, my daughter attended a swim party and also had a blast. My son and I also went swimming.

The best part of my Monday, though, was lunch with three special women I met through blogging: Kris from It's My Life, D. from My Life is Based on a True Story, and Bubba's Sis from Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend... Me and Magical Getaways. That was the highlight of my day, actually of my summer so far. We had a terrific lunch at Gringo's. Good food, good fun, and good friends! Here's a photo from the first time we met for lunch.

Tuesday, I took the twins to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens. Other than sunburn, the day was just plain fantastic!
Later this week, my "babies" are having their 13th birthday parties (even though their actual birthday is toward the end of the month). My daughter is taking two friends shopping, out to eat, and to get makeovers. My son is having a pool party. And, my daughter leaves for Summer Excitement Sunday. She will attend six days of youth leadership training and super-fun activities at Lubbock Christian University.

Side note: My mom was in the hospital for two days with pneumonia (she recently had surgery and chemo for lung cancer), but she came home yesterday. Thank goodness! And my oldest step-daughter fainted while she was running, but a Good Samaritan stopped to help her, and I'm happy to report that she was released from the hospital after a few hours and is home and doing well.

So, even though there were two scary incidents, it's all good now.

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  1. What a scare you had with your DSD and mum, I hope they are both okay now.

    Congratulations to your nephew on his recent graduation and scholarships. You must be so proud of him.

    Happy Birthday to your "babies." I hope they both have a wonderful birthday.

  2. You have had a wonderful start to your summer. I had such a fun time at lunch. We need to make it a monthly thing, or something. I always keep a camera in my purse. We should have taken another pic. Oh well.

    Your babies have fabulous parties planned! How exciting about your daughter's trip. My daughter would enjoy something like that, but she won't leave home for that long. She's a true homebody and doesn't like to be away from us. :(

    Again, I'm happy that both your mom & step-daughter are home.

  3. Sounds like you have a fun summer planned. My plan is to work. I wish I got summers off. But prisoners need supervision at all times. :)

    Have a great summer. Read a lot of books.

  4. I'm certainly glad to hear that "it's all good now!" Sheesh--scary stuff! Thanks for your great posts and being such a wonderful comment-leaver!!


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