Monday, April 13, 2009

Heads or Tails

Barb hosts Heads or Tails on Tuesdays each week. Check out the Mr. Linky on her page for this week's participants.

Today, she's proposed the topic is "Reason."

Look at this cat! (The girl holding her isn't bad, either!) But I am going to give reasons why I love my cat, and I'm so glad we got her. We've had Lacy since August of 2008. A local animal shelter had rescued her at a car dealership.

Reason 1 is she is so soft. Sooooo sooooofffffttttttt! I love petting her and holding her.

Reason 2 is she is cute, all round, and cuddly, beautiful, really. She sleeps in the crook of my feet most nights, and sometimes right on top of me, and I love it. It's comforting. She follows me around the house sometimes and "talks" to me.

Reason 3 is she is there for me if I have a bad day. I swear holding her lowers my blood pressure immediately.

And Reason 4 is she's entertaining. She likes to play with me, love bite me, and she loves her cat toys, balls, paper, and is endlessly curious. The printer fascinates her. So does the camera as shown in this picture. She got right in front of it.
I love Lacy! (Cue theme song music from I Love Lucy!)

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  1. Good reasons to love this little cutie! And the girl, too! :)

  2. Kitty's personality shines in her eyes in the last picture! She sounds wonderful.

    I've had pets who seem to almost be a sponge.. willing to absorb things, emotions, we having trouble ridding ourselves of.

    Maybe when my puppy gets older..? I guess I'll have to wait and see. :)

  3. Is Lucy a Maine Coon?
    I used to have a Maine Coon that was Ginger and white and he looked a lot like Lucy.

    Lucy is a beautiful cat.

  4. I ♥ Cats....cats rule. And your Lacy is beautiful. We have two that grace our lives, and they're both rescued cats too. Gotta love 'em.

    Happy Heads or Tails is posted now.

  5. I believe holding her probably does lower your blood pressure..they have proven pets are healthy for us....

    She is beautiful...

    I would get one, but we have consistent bad luck with them weird ways....

  6. She's beautiful! What a loving kitty you have--I am such a cat lover, too!

    And I agree with petting/holding them lowers blood pressure. Sometimes doing that will turn my day from a bad one into a good one :)

    Love the pics and thank you for sharing! You have a huge heart for rescuing her.

  7. Oh my goodness, this makes me long for a cat! I wish my husband liked them!

  8. She's beautiful. There are SO many reasons to love and appreciate our pets. Great post.

  9. My sister feels the same about her cat. Me - I'm allergic. Can't have a cat or a dog.

  10. Those are some pretty awesome reasons! I ♥ Lacy. There is nothing like having a sweet kitty. :)

  11. I'm not really a cat lover, but I can see why you love yours.

    http://somethingaboutparenting.typepad.comTwitter: AboutParenting

  12. All super reasons to love your cat! So cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog--I've missed seeing you and visiting your blog! Please tell all your friends about my Earth Day stash challenge.

  13. I'm also a cat lover, I even believe cats have feelings such as jealous, anger, love...


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