Monday, April 20, 2009

heads or tails

Today's prompt for Heads or Tails (click for more participants), hosted by the very talented Barb, is "Once Upon a Time."

Once upon a time, I was a young girl who wanted nothing more than to get married and have children, lots of children. I'd marry a romantic man, my very own Prince Charming. He'd treat me like a princess, and we'd have a lovely home. I would be a teacher after my children started school. The whole family would be perfect. As a child, if I wasn't playing house, I was playing school. One of my favorite movies was Yours, Mine, and Ours (1968, the original with Lucille Ball) where they had about a dozen children. That's what I wanted. A dozen children! And a house with a laundry chute! How cool would that be? And being a list maker, I'd have schedules, charts, and lists everywhere to keep things organized.

Well... I don't have to tell you that life is not like the movies. My "once upon a time" didn't happen. I am blessed with twins, but I have made so many mistakes and decisions that didn't turn out to be in my best interest, and I have grown cynical. I know there is no "once upon a time." I know there is no "Prince Charming(for me, anyway)." I don't believe men are generally romantic, and I decided long ago that my twins were enough children for me, and I love them very much. I did become a teacher, and I question that decision as well. And I'm not sure if I believe true love exists since things in my current marriage continue to turn sour.

Once upon a time? There are no fairy tales in my real life.

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  1. Fairy tales only happen in books and movies.

    My fairy tale was education, travel, marriage then kids but unfortantly for me, the travelling bit was left out. lol

    One day it will happen. lol

  2. Didn't we all want a Prince Charming? I wanted 4 children.. two boys and two girls. Two story house with a white picket fence. I would stay home and make cookies all day while my Prince went off to work. LOL at the laundry chute. Me TOOO!!!

    I certainly never thought it would be like it has. That first husband would be a mean drunk. That sometime children break your heart more than you'd ever imagine. Thankfully that doesn't happen often and we always forgive them.

    I never thought there was another man I would meet and marry and that although he is a huge improvement over the first, it still isn't easy and he is no Prince Charming either.

    I think you know some of what my life (childhood) was like. As much as it would almost make sense for me to sit around being resentful or whatever, I try to think things happen for a reason. Everything.. the good and the bad.. shaped me into who I am today. Some might say that isn't so hot, but I think most would say I'm not so bad after all. :P

    I don't think you're so bad. I don't think you are a failure. I think you're a wonderful, thoughtful woman. I hope you can see that about yourself.

  3. Life isn't all supposed to be a fairy tale. At least I don't think so. It's what we make of it. And you're working to make a life better, that is what counts...that is what is seen in your writing. You're worthy enough to see and do to make it a better place for you, personally. [mho]

    My "Once Upon a Time" is more a 'fairy [and gnome] tale....come by and smile a little if you can find time.

  4. Such a sad story. We were sold a bad bill of goods. I never expected to be where I am today. But I can tell you one thing after 25 years with one person. I have been much happier and less lonely the last 13 on my own!! It's a trade off. Fiscally it was tough... the rest...well find yourself. That's where the true romance and love lies!!

    BIG HUGS Sherrie

  5. I'll hope for the return of the rosy colored glasses. It seems like each fairy tale takes a few turns and twists before it morphs into a real life story.

  6. My once upon a time has changed so many times, I don't remember the original. Ups and downs, curves and hardballs. My current once upon a time has no prince and I'm more content and happy than I thought possible...even with the financial hardships, medical probs, etc. Good luck on finding your 'ever after'!

  7. Don't even get me started. We were
    lied to big time and now we are all hit in the face with true life.
    You are not alone. Many are with you.

  8. No, fairy tales are just that...tales...

    I did get a great guy, but it took me third try...but that was the only one of my goals that I ever reached...the rest of my life was a little unexpected...

    Still I hope the latter part of your story is much better then the former.

  9. There is no "once upon a time", nor any Prince Charmings. Even the happiest of marriages have struggles.

    I, too, wanted a lot of children, the prince, the fairy tale. I also learned quickly that while I married a good guy, he is no prince. Every day is a choice to love him. Some days are easier than others. ;)

    I know how unhappy you are. You are a beautiful, sweet woman. I would love for you to find someone who is exactly what you need in life.

    As far as education? Yeah. It's a tough gig in these times. But, these kids need you. They need teachers who care about them and not just their passing TAKS grade. Obviously I've never seen you teach, but knowing the warm person you are, I'm willing to bet you are a wonderful one.

  10. reading giggles and tumbles comments reminds me of so many of my female clients comments... they are SO much more happy without a man and find contentment in their children, friends and hobbies..
    I wish for you the courage to find what your true 'once upon a time' happiness needs to be..
    sending big hugs Di!

  11. yes fairy tales don't happen in real life. romantic guys do exist but may be not for some people.

    I have found Dan pretty nice and charming as 'my prince'. I hope you can find happiness in life, whether with or without that 'once upon a time' dreams...


  12. Well, if you read the original Brothers Grimm fairly tales they are well...grim. :) Not always cut-and-dried happy endings...but it is ALWAYS disappointing when life is full of hardships big and small.

    You are still in your story, you know? You don't know what chapters (or how many) lie ahead, but I have a feeling you will get to a happy ending...even if you don't know what it is yet. :) Hang in there!


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