Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday 13

Visit the home of the NEW Thursday 13!
Here's a tribute to Paul Simon.
13 ways to leave your lover.

1. Just cross that bridge, Midge.
2. Hop in the van, Ann.
2. Go take his camper, Amber.
3. Just walk out the door, Lenore.
4. Make sure to pack a suitcase, Stace.
5. Get in a plane and fly, Skye.
6. Walk out the back gate, Kate.
7. Take the kids with you, Lu Lu.
8. Set the stage, Paige.
9. Join a harem, Karen.
10. Do it if you dare, Claire.
11. Shoot yourself out of a cannon, Shannon.
12. Don't think about death, Beth.
13. Just get yourself free, Leigh.

tee hee! Just some silliness for today.

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