Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Brace Face

Brace Face

Tinsel Teeth

Marcia Brady Metal Mouth

Remember all that?

My twins, age 12, who will always be my babies, got braces on Tuesday. They are far less obtrusive than the braces I remember from my youth - not that I had braces. I wasn't so fortunate. Oh, no! My older sister had them, but I guess they ran out of money before they got to me because all I had was a crummy retainer which didn't help. It's something I look back on with a bit of regret, not having braces in my youth.

I would get them now, if only I could afford them, and if only my teeth hadn't become so thin and weak. I'm glad I'm able to give my kids an attractive, healthy smile. Braces are also far more common now than they were when I was a teenager, and the kids are getting them at younger ages.

Oh, they complain about the pain right now, but that will fade. Most of their friends have them, so they are not alone like poor Marcia (except for that one boy). I think their braces look great!

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  1. I wished I too got them in my youth but I will one day when I can afford them. lol

    I hope the pain goes away soon.

  2. I had them for 6 long years. and there was plenty of metal in my mouth in those days. couldn't wait to get them off. my daughter tara had them for 2 yrs.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I want braces too!!!!! I'm with you on the whole money thing!!!!!! I still want them though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe one day!!!!!!

    Your kid-o's are sooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!

    Well, I'm back - I think after this week - my life/our life will get back to what we call "normal"!!!! The wedding is in the the wedding reception "party" is in the past as well!!!! All of Mr. "S" family is on the road back to Ohio today - they've been with us since last Friday!!!!

    I've missed you!!!!!!! =)

  4. I had them and my girl's. Now they have clear braces and fun bands. They are so cute!

  5. so adorable! Love a kid with braces!
    I never had them but remember wishing I did as a kid! I was weird.. i wanted glasses too! haha
    I do remember marcia with braces! I grew up on that show too!
    I so understand how your parents ran out of moola! I tried to think of that with each BIG thing we did for the oldest..
    (if we give him a HUGE 13th b.d Huge graduation Huge confirmation..we will have to do the same for TWO more!) That helped us curb our enthusiasm!!
    in case I never get the chance ...
    Have a very Happy Easter Sweetie! xox

  6. They look great! The pain has probably already faded. My daughter gets hers off in approx. 5-6mths. I can't wait to see her smile!

    It is funny how the tide has turned. Now, more kids than not have braces. It's somewhat of a "status symbol" especially with the colored bands.

    I,too, would get braces if I could afford them AND if my teeth could handle them. Sigh. Oh well. My kids will have gorgeous, healthy smiles and that's more important.

  7. I had one when I was 12. it was sooooo uncomfortable. but I think braces now looks cute.

    they do too :)

  8. Our teen is on Phase Two of braces. I think my husband and I have spend over $5000 on his mouth.


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