Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #27

13 Fun-Filled Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens

My twins will be twelve in a few weeks, and we have run through every birthday party idea for tweens that we can think of. Here are 13 of them.

1. Skating Rink Party. Most of them will reserve tables and time for opening presents and eating cake. The one near us also gives all the guests pizza, a drink, and a coupon for free skate time. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose a favorite song and gets extra treats.

2. An Event Complex such as Main Event. They have bowling, glow golf, laser tag, ride machines, and games galore. There is a party room that can be reserved, or you can just wing it. I think this is what my son is going to do this year.

3. Putt-Putt Fun House. This place has miniature golf, laser tag, games, and bumper boats. Very similar but not as “cool” as Main Event.

4. Hawaiian Luau Party. All you need is a swimming pool (in your back yard or in your neighborhood), some Hawaiian music, a limbo stick, a piƱata, and some fun prizes. We did this last year, and the kids loved it.

5. 50’s Party – Have a sock hop. You can do a bubble-gum blowing contest, hula hoop contest, and a twist contest. You can also have an ice cream sundae making contest and “cool” prizes for the contest winners.

6. Shop Till You Drop Party – Especially for girls. A trip to the mall with a set amount of money to spend. Lunch at the food court.

7. Putting on the Glitz – Especially for girls. Girls can make jewelry, eat snacks, have cake and ice cream, and make more jewelry. You can buy a variety of jewelry-making kits at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

8. Lights, Camera, Action – Guests can write scripts and film movies to watch and share with their families. You could even vote on the best one and give it the Academy Award for home film-making.

9. Someone’s in the Kitchen – Especially for girls. Guests spend most of their time in the kitchen making and eating fun recipes such as personal size pizzas, cookies, smoothies, and so on. There are lots of kid-friendly recipes here.

10. Movie Party – Take the guests to see a new movie, then go back home for pizza, cake, and ice cream.

11. Beach Party – If you’re near the coast, have your guests hop in the car for a trip to the beach. Sunning, swimming, giggling about boys or girls, Frisbee, volleyball, or whatever you are up for.

12. Paintball Party – Especially for boys. Pile the boys in the car and take them out for some sweaty fun at the paintball park. Then, treat them to CiCi’s pizza or a food court meal and birthday cake.

13. Girlie-Girl Sleepover – Yes, this one’s especially for girls. The guests come over for pizza and cake, presents and goodie bags, and while they’re there, they do “girlie-girl” stuff like painting fingernails, fixing each other’s hair, gossiping about boys, watch a DVD, make ice cream sundaes, color fuzzy posters, and made beaded bracelets. All of these could be contests in which they win play money and get to go “shopping” for their prizes. You get to set up the “store” and decide what to put in it and the prices. And, of course, this is a sleepover/slumber party. I think this is what my daughter is going to do this year.

You can get fantastic ideas at this web site!

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  1. We do the skating parties for the older kids and bowling parties for the younger ones. We will probably try a few of these this fall!

    My T13 #80 is up. I share 13 Memorial Day Memories. Stop by if you get a chance.

  2. A lot of good ideas...perhaps a girlie girl sleep over or luau are in order at my house this fall. Happy TT.

  3. Birthday party ideas just get bigger and bigger. Such a vartiety nowadays.

  4. these are all awesome!! cool list

  5. What great ideas!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love all of your ideas! I love the kitchen one, where the kids get to make things. That's very creative.

  7. Wow I cant believe this is what I have in the future. IM actually excited and shes not even year yet. You hvae an award on my site come get it.

  8. Boy that's a lot of ideas. What do they want to do? By that age, I was totally over the birthday party. Get me a cake and leave me alone - but then I am the middle. Leave me alone runs with the territory! ha!

    Happy TT!

  9. I'm not playing this but you sure have some good ideas. I'm here to steal your URL for a post. :P

  10. I've done a few of these over the years, now my kids actually prefer no party which is fine with me. Great ideas though. Mine is up @ The Cafe for the week.

  11. Great list, we've tried several of these and always had fun!

  12. We did a couple of those when our daughter was growing up. Sounds like lots of fun!

  13. wow oh wow boy oh boy! I so wish I knew you when my 3 guys were small! I needed help in this dept. Diane!! The best idea I had come up with, was the pool party at the hilton hotel, for my winter son who always wanted a pool party.
    NOt so very creative, just very expensive!
    (hope you check mine out as I think we'er about the same age :))

  14. Oh yes I remember a few of these! Very creative fun things to do! Great post, and many parents of tweens will love you down the road when they google search ideas for parties!! Really wonderful!

    Hugs Sherrie

  15. I'm most excited by the Jewelry making contest. Would like to participate in it & also to win prizes.


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