Monday, May 05, 2008

Read Any Good Blogs Lately?

I'm always looking for something new, so I decided to ask my (handful of) readers some questions about their blogrolls. <-- a="" blog="" href="" jen="" ladies="" link="" original="" post.="" responded="" rivate="" s="" ten="" thanks="" that="" the="" to="" who="">Laura


Sassy Mama Bear







Isn’t it nice to know we are not alone out here? And isn’t it nice to know that we aren’t doing something wrong in this blogging world that has no written rules of etiquette? Here is the consensus on the questions I posed.

How often do you update your blogroll?
Most everyone admitted that they don’t do it often enough. “Not as often as I should,” was the main reply. Join the club! They usually update it if they find something of interest and want to be able to find that blog again.

What helps you decide when to add or delete a blog?
Most of these ladies must be forgetful like me because they want to be able to find their favorite blogs easily. We can’t remember who we visited or who we liked unless we add them to our blogroll! And sometimes, we don’t ask permission to add people, but we like their blog, so we do. People have removed blogs that are slow to load (and there are some) or if the person requests removal because they wish to maintain some privacy. Many of the ladies said they had NEVER deleted a blog from their list! Their lists must be getting really long.

Do you add people that add you or vice-versa?
The resounding answer was that reciprocation was not necessary. We have our favorites, but ours may not be one of their favorites.

Do you spend time clicking on other people’s blogrolls?
This question was pretty much split down the middle with many saying they sometimes check out other bloggers’ lists and some saying that they never do. What gets them to click over is sometimes a cool name that jumps out at them or a comment that someone left on another blog.

I think checking out other people’s blogs is a great way to find new buddies. I just wish I had more time to do it!

I have to add this from my darling blogging buddy Lucy!
  • FoRGOT I even had a blogroll till I read this post!
  • I NEVER notice my own roll and that list is never clicked to visit the blogs I love.
  • Instead I've been using google reader to try and not miss too many posts.( I better look at my roll and see who is there)
  • to answer Q#2- I only took off one blog, who I loved to visit, but She decided to go 'private only' and didn't send me the password.
  • I've only added blogs I love reading whether they like me or not. I don't feel committed to reciprocate, BUT when I DO notice my name listed on someones blogroll , It actually makes me smile and feel appreciated and liked.(like I just felt, when I noticed I am on YOURS!) I DID notice that Rick at MyrtleBeachRamblings , HAD me at the top of the roll and NOW I'm way down on the list! haha I had to tease him about that one!
  • to answer Q#4 - I usually enjoy clicking links in the comments area and NOT blogroll. If I find someones comment interesting, I think .."hey let me check out how interesting their blog must be"
Thanks, Lucy! You're never too late!


  1. Interesting. I am glad Im on your blog roll though. Makes me feel important

  2. I love finding new bloggy-friends....


  3. Interesting to see people's answers.

  4. glad to be your blogger fellow...


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