Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm So Honored

I had such a long day today - work, errands, daughter's piano lessons, son's baseball game, homework, showers, laundry, making lunches! It's so late, and I finally got to log on to the computer, and what do I find? A sweet comment and a sweet post that mentions me! It makes me feel really good. Thank you, Suzie. And if you haven't visited her blog, Up the Hill Backwards, I highly recommend it. She has precious, adorable kids. Go see 'em! Suzie is probably a generation younger than I am, but I so completely relate to what she says. She's pretty amazing, too! THANKS FOR MAKING MY DAY!

And since you just can't keep an award all to yourself, I'm going to pass this on to two of my new scrapbooking friends, Evelyn and Chrissy. I'm enjoying getting to know them through their blogs, and I admire their scrapping talent. I also want to pass it on to a few of my not-so-new blogging buddies who have "been there for me" and whose blogs I absolutely adore: Jen, Jenn, Lucy, Sassy Mama Bear, and Mamarazzi. You are all amazing!


  1. HI! Thanks for visiting my blog. Here is the link to the color combo blog :

  2. Awwww.. thats is so nice. Thanks

  3. Congratulations on an award that's so well deserved! :)

  4. Wow thanks so much,I'm a bit behind on my blog LOL! It's been a crazy week for me since I just went back to college this week so my schedule has been hectic!! ugh!
    Back to the grind.

    Anyhow, I am grateful for you post and recognition. I have to update my blog here soon, but I wanted to stop in and say thank you!

    Your new found friend,

  5. Wow! Now YOU made ME feel really good! Thanks so much Diane! and Congrats to you on the award!
    I've been having the most crazy week, but I will try to post my award soon! You are a sweetheart. ( i Adore your blog too) ♥

  6. diane, I did my old getting things done method...OHIO ( only handle it once) and I already have posted my award! thanks so much again! xo

  7. thanks! You know you're the best, right???

  8. Congratulations - have a great weekend.

  9. Thank you so much, it means a lot. You have a great blog too. Thanks again!



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