Sunday, May 11, 2008

National Scrapbook Month and Scrappin' Sunday

Hi everyone! I want to invite you to take part in National Scrapbook Month with Scrappin' Servant. If you are here from the Mr. Linky on her site, welcome! If you're here from Sunday Scrappin', welcome to you, too!

I'm a 42 year old mom who wishes she had more time to scrap (doesn't everybody?), but I don't because I work outside the home full time, and I have 11 year old twins to keep up with in addition to two step-daughters (ages 15 and 19) who live with us and a 27 year old step-son (who doesn't live with us anymore because now he is a father of 7 month old twin boys). Whew! That was a mouthful.
I've been scrapping a long time, but my techniqes have not stayed current. I need to take some classes in new trends and techniques, but there's the time issue again. I am so far behind, but I ~HEART~ scrapping in a big way. I even want to give digital scrapbooking another try. The program I used to use isn't compatible with Vista, so I'm shopping for a new one. But, I love the camradarie of crops! And I would have been at one last weekend if it weren't for my son's baseball game. That had to come first.

Carolyn at Scrappin' Servant asks us to share a way that we are "going green" by reusing items in our scrapbooks. I have two examples. I used parts of brochures from Colorado in our vacation scrapbook, and I used parts of greeting cards in our wedding scrapbook.

Carolyn has great tutorials over on her site for all of you that want to learn a thing or two like me.

To join in for Scrappin' Sunday, just visit the site, sign the Mr. Linky, post your ta-das and your to-dos, and answer the bonus question if you'd like.

I've already posted my ta-das above. My to-dos are to get myself in gear! And to take part in National Scrapbook Month. The bonus question is, "Did you make anything special for Mother's Day this year?" Sadly, no, I didn't. But I got her lots of nice stuff! I'm still trying to set up my workspace downstairs where I can leave things out and work on it undisturbed in bits and pieces of time I might have.
I wish you all a scrappy week!


  1. Your pages are beautiful, I hope you have a heap of fun at the month long crop.

    Have a good week.

  2. Looks great. Good for you scraping

  3. Great pages- that recycled greeting card is perfect!

    Thanks for trying to help me out with the weird spacing issue on SS. I normally correct blank spaces around pics the same way you do, but in this template, I get big empty spaces even when I don't add any pics. It also shows up as no blank spaces in my edit mode, but then when it's posted, there's a big gap. It's so weird!

  4. So funny, those are both things I have done before that I wouldn't have thought of because it was so long ago :o) Welcome to the Party... it's nice to "see" you again.

  5. Your layouts are great! And hey everyone wishes they could scrapbook every day right? It's the quality not the quantity and it's great that you are still so passionate about scrapbooking. It's great to meet you!
    Celebrate Life!
    Lisa aka TheScrapPrincess

  6. Welcome to the scrapping party. Happy scrapping!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the scrapbooking party! I like the link you left for the pagemaps. Like you, I am behind in my books and have no clue what is current. This party has been great motivation and inspiration. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  8. Hi Welcome to the party! Nice ideas about being thrifty. Some thing I've done recently: used a map for my background page. It looked pretty cool! Don't worry about not being able to scrap too much, just enjoy it for now. I'm sure you've blessed someone in the past with one of your homemade cards! Hopefully you'll get some scrappin time in soon!

  9. I'm so jealous you have a place to leave your stuff out!!!
    I don't have any digi-scrap suggestions. I haven't gotten into that at all as I'm still working on real prints! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to go that way or not. I think there is more freedom in real life and I like the way it can be layers and textures. And you can't use those old programs or ticket stubs either, which I do a lot!

  10. Nice to meet another bloggin' scrapper! Hope you've enjoyed being a part of the blog party! C'mon by Wani's World sometime!


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