Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gift-Giving Help

Help! I need someone!

No - not the Beatles song. I really need your help.

My 3rd anniversary (remember this is my second marriage) is coming up next week, and for our first and second anniversaries, I was able to find gifts that reflected both the traditional and modern themes (paper & clocks, cotton & china) for anniversary gifts.

The third anniversary gifts are leather (traditional) and crystal (modern). I spent hours searching today and found nothing I wanted! Now, don't get too creative with the leather! We're not into that. I've thought of a wallet, but he doesn't need one. A belt is too impersonal. So are shoes. I've thought of a leather picture frame or a leather kleenex box for his table, and those are maybes, but what can all of you come up with?

I also checked tickets for all of the major performing arts and sports in our area, and there is nothing available any time soon that I think he would be interested in. I could have put some tickets in a leather pouch or something. But the tickets aren't going to work out. And crystal? Maybe a pair of crystal wine glasses will work. Come on, bloggy friends! Help me think of something unique for anniversary gifts made of leather or crystal! Please?


  1. Hows about a watch? One with a leather band and a crystal in the face...

  2. WOW - love the wtch idea from above!

    For our 3rd I got hubby a little crystal bear figure - it is a long story - but the had sentimental cold look for a crystal figureine or object that reflected something on how you met or a special memory. I wrapped it in a little leather pouch that he put his wedding cufflinks into..

    When you see the right thing, you will know. It sure is tough though.

    Good luck!

  3. I love the watch idea too. That combines both together.

  4. I vote for watch too. Thanks for your nice words yesterday. They really helped. Have a great weekend and good anniversary.

  5. hmmm, a leather gift is tricky. Since I am single, only a few Leather items pop into my mind and even tho you are 'not into' that, there are some very very classy leather teddy's :) Good Luck! and have a great Anniversary too.

  6. Stopping in to vote for the watch and wine glasses would be good for the crystal

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your comment over at scrapbooking gallery.

  7. Watch came to my mind too.
    Okay I am thinking a leather keychain, or a leatherman tool. For crystal if he would wear jewelry...something I never thought my dad would, maybe a meaningful crystal to express love. Otherwise the wine glasses would be a great idea too.


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