Sunday, December 30, 2007

Now and Then - for Sunday Scribblings

The topic for Sunday Scribblings this week is “Now and Then.” I wanted to think of something happy and fun, but the only topic evoked in me was a longing for my father. I wish I were a songwriter who could pen a tune, but that’s been done before. I wish I were more eloquent so I could author a poem worthy of his memory. But, as it is, I simply present the thoughts from my mind.

Now and then
The sadness creeps up on me.
As fresh and raw as if it were yesterday.
I am empty with loss.
The earth sits motionless on its axis.

Now and then
I wish I could see your face again.
Talk to you.
Show you pictures.
Share your wisdom.
Record your memories.
I wonder how life would have been,
If you had lived.

Now and then I wonder…
Would different choices be mine these past few years?
The stories you could share,
The influence of your knowledge,
Your example for the grandkids,
And mom, a different person without you.

And now and then
I’m okay; I’m strong; I’m fine.

Now and then
I can forget the way you died.
Without warning,
Unanticipated and too soon.
And I know I can never forget.
But now and then, I won’t remember.

Mostly now, there’s a hole in the universe where you should be.

In Loving Memory of my Father

L. D. Rankin

3/14/35 – 10/10/04

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  1. way too young to die! This is a beautiful post!

  2. Lovely and heartfelt. Sometimes when we want to write one kind of feeling the opposite appears. You did a beautiful job. :)

    ps. thank you for visiting my blog tonight too. i really appreciated your comment.

  3. Beautiful tribute to your dad. Mine left us too soon as well. Your words really hit home with me. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. what a wonderful tribute to your dad. not all girls/women have a good relationship with their dad. it's nice hearing that you did and you miss him now that he's gone. i'm sure the memories you have of him are precious.

  5. What a great tribute to your dad!!
    I'm not sure if I'm going to call my dad or go to the gym first. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Beautiful tribute! This post strikes home with was heavy with missing.

  7. What a wonderful tribute. This really spoke to me.

  8. Simply beautiful.

  9. Words from the heart are all a dad would ask for and you've expressed your feelings eloquently.
    I lost my dad 30 years ago when he was 58. I talk and write to him now and then!

  10. I am very close with my dad so this really hits me. My dad is still alive but I know I would be terrible sad when that day comes that he has to go...


  11. what a tribute these words are for your father. wonderful post.

  12. My own dad died 16 years ago at 56 so I am very familiar with that hole in the universe.
    Your dad has such a sweet smile on his face.
    Thanks for taking the time to visit.
    May you and yours have a wonderful 2008.

  13. Very beautiful and from the heart. It actually resonants with me as it reminds me of my mom. Too young to die, and such a loss. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I'm looking forward to more visits to yours. Sounds like you have double the fun on more than one level! :)

  14. I came, I saw and i was impressed!

    Beautifully done girl!

  15. This is beautifully poetic. It touched my heart. Coincidentally, I wrote about my dearly departed father this week, too.

  16. Thank you... all of you. He WAS a good man. Not perfect, but to me, I guess he was. I couldn't have asked for a better man to be my father. Jen, if you could write a tune, wouldn't that be awesome? Anyone wanna try!? I would just love that so much, something my daughter could play on the piano. Maybe I'll give it a try myself.

  17. This was simply beautiful and a lovely tribute to your precious father. I am sorry you lost him so soon and I think he would be very proud of how wonderfully you have described your love for him through this beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing this picture of him with us and for opening your heart so we can know the love you have for him. Take care. Kellan

  18. such a beautiful tribute to your dad. It's so difficult to lose someone you love suddenly. No time to prepare. So sorry, but how wonderful that you've experienced loving and being loved by a great dad.
    thanks for visiting me just now, happy new year.

  19. Thank you for the kind welcome on my new blog and thank you for sharing such a heartfelt poem. I lost my father 3 years ago and, as others have commented here, your words really hit home. Sending you much love for 2008 x

  20. your poem is more worthy than i can possibly say...and yes, so eloquently and poignantly spoken from a daughter whose heart is filled with love for her father...thank you...

  21. very beautiful amde me cry. I also lost my father.


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