Monday, December 17, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday!

I have been so busy tackling all kinds of projects around here!

Yes, it's December 17th, and my Christmas cards are finally in the mail. I have never mailed them so late. My goal is the first week in December. But I didn't make it this year. However, I sat down this weekend and whipped them out! I'm relieved.

I tackled housecleaning. I swept the tile and wood floors and mopped them, cleaned the glass tables, did five loads of laundry, and washed the dishes. I've been a busy bee.

I'm really excited about tackling the video job I've been wanting to do. I finally got my digital camcorder correctly connected to the computer, put some video on the computer, used Pinnacle Studio (I love that program) to edit and resize so I could upload a short video of the twins' band concert to YouTube (something else I've been wanting to learn to do). Now that I have the camcorder connected, I'm really going to tackle converting all my videos to DVD. I love doing that! It's been almost a year since I got the new camcorder, so it's about time! (I blame my husband, partially, because he's the one who usually connects our hardware. Nah, I'll take the blame. I could've done it.) I'll put the YouTube video on here a little later. I'm still tweaking it.


  1. Cards take up a lot of time. I just finish up my last dozen and they'll be in the mail tomorrow.
    Holiday is sure a busy time.

    My tt is up.

  2. Very cool - I am so impressed because I have no clue how to do any of that - I wish I did. Take care. Kellan

    PS - great performance, BTW

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You are a teacher also! Great minds think alike. Good job on tackling the video thingy.


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