Saturday, December 08, 2007

37th Sunday Scribblings


Among siblings
For attention.
Step-kids, biological kids.
Can get ugly;
Rivals should be friends.
Breeds resentment, not contentment,
Vying for equity,
Striving to outrank,
Red hot lava boiling to the surface.
He said, she said, she said!
He did, she did, she did!
Who decides…
How come she gets…
Why doesn’t my mom…
Jealousy, the green-eyed monster,
Lurks within the walls
With ears perked and prepared
For that juicy bit that will set off
The Explosion!
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  1. Excellent. You really capture the competition and rivalries.
    Mad Kane

  2. Competitive nature is best learned at home -- where it can be monitored... because real-world survival at the top of the food chain depends on the competitive nature of the being. Survival of the species necessitates competition -- strengthens the bloodlines... sorts the herd into leaders and followers, predator and prey.

  3. Those are good scribblings!

    I have a TAG for you. Sorry I don't know your name. :P


  4. So true and so well said! Take care and have a good weekend - thanks for the Birthday wishes to my DAd. See ya, Kellan

  5. kids... and when they have the "excuse" of being further agitated by being "steps" or whatever... i can only imagine... i think you hit the nail on the head by calling this jealousy... even more so than competition....

  6. Nice write! I can hear the voices and see the tug and push and pull and war!

  7. The dog eat dog mentality often starts in the home, among siblings. Your poem echoes many truths I've experienced first hand.

    I like the new festive look of your site.

  8. oh boy... just the reminder of this makes me thrilled my kids are older! too intense for the old lulu! I LOVe your christmas Tree! Merry Christmas to you and your family of crazies! haha

  9. Looking at it from my angle, I think having brothers and sisters is the greatest way to learn how to deal with competition. Well done.

  10. I had one sister to compete with and I loved it (she hated it). Sure made me a better person unless it turned mean-spirited, then Mom stepped in!
    Thanks for the words, brought back memories!

    LID 01/27/06

  11. I competed with my three brothers and they loved it too. We all became better human beings due to that.

    Go Compete

  12. We had the same idea, but my competitive nature is sorry (for me) that you did it much better!

  13. Competitiveness can be good -- if nurtured from the right place. I loved reading this. Susiej

  14. It's amazing how poetry can take us places. This took me back to a little family outing. We were out in the woods walking around so my brother could practice his shooting skills. I saw a bird up in a tree and challenged him to shoot it. He missed but I took the gun, aimed, and hit the bird. It was my competitive nature that made me do it but I was sick and never shot a gun after that.

    Excellent poem!

  15. You touched an old sore spot with me on this one. I am glad that I developed adult friendships with my brothers, but boy could we fight when we were litte.

  16. oh my sisters would try to kill each other over issues that i could not even see..the dynamics of lying low under the radar was my best bet...


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