Friday, June 24, 2022

Patriotic Wreaths

 Hi friends.  July 4th is coming up soon, so I decided to make some deco mesh wreaths.

This first one uses the curly method. I alternated 2 red and 2 white on 3/4 of the circle and all the blue on 1/4 of it.  I hot-glued some white stars to the blue area and added 3 ombre red, white, and blue carnations.  This was a gift for my sister-just because.

Supplies used:
3 rolls of 6-inch deco mesh, red, white, blue
pipe cleaners (also called chenille sticks) in red, white, blue
wire wreath form
patriotic carnations (or other decoration if you choose)
hot glue and glue gun 

This next one was an experiment because I used a square-shaped wreath form.  I'm not 100% happy about the way it turned out. You can't really tell it's a square.  I used the same exact deco mesh and other supplies as above.  For this one, I used the bubble method. I put some metallic pom-pom picks between each color and an American flag at the center.  

You can search on YouTube for various types of deco-mesh wreaths, and they have great step-by-step directions as well as tips and tricks. If you are making one for the first time, that's my suggestion.

I was able to get cash back from Rakuten when I purchased my deco mesh, pipe cleaners, flowers, picks, and wreath forms, not to mention getting the mesh when it was half price. If you aren't using a cash-back app, I highly recommend it.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Those look great! Square wreaths probably have to either be bigger or be wrapped more closely with less material in order to actually look like squares when they are done. The few i've seen have been quite large.

    1. You're probably right. I think I'm not a fan of the square ones!


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