Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Happy Random Tuesday


Hey there!  As usual, I've been listening to true crime podcasts lately, and there are two podcasters who produce a show I really like, but the way they pronounce some of their words bugs me so much!

How do you pronounce the word "jewelry?"    Do you say joo ul ree?  Joo el ree?  Please say it's not joo luh ree! Annoys me so much every time I hear them say it!

They also pronounce room more like rum. Their dialect is not incorrect, it's just different than mine.  As a newly retired English teacher, I guess many of my pet peeves revolve around language.

My sister goes for her 4th chemo today.  She has also had 5 radiation treatments over the last two weeks.  She is doing well... Except... she got bit by a (non poisonous) snake.  Not once! Twice! 
Me if a snake comes on TV!

She was carrying some items and didn't see it near the door to her house.  It bit her twice in quick succession, and she was wearing flip-flops.  The bites bled, and it is possible that a so-called nonpoisonous snake has some venom that can cause side effects, but thank goodness it wasn't a copperhead of water mocassin which are common in our area.  It was ironic because it happened shortly after my post mentioning that my biggest fear is snakes!

I have to get my mind off snakes now!

Barbie was one of my favorite toys as a kid!  But I didn't have these two.

Scary, huh?


And speaking of dogs...

And last, but not least...

Have a great week!  Please visit Random Tuesday Thoughts and Happy Tuesday!


  1. Mom goes nuts with Realtor, it is not Real -a-tor! Why do people do such things to words. As for snakes, we won't go there. Mom is terrified of them and couldn't live where the dangerous ones are, we would never go outside. Hope your sister does alright with everything.

  2. We grew up with pet snakes, they don't bug me at all. That does not mean i will go near the poisonous ones or that i'd want one biting me. Like all animals, they have germs in their mouths, and you don't want those germs in you.

    Thanks for the funnies, and i'll continue praying for your sister.


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