Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thursday Thirteen

Being under a stay-at-home order can be difficult in many ways, but focusing on the positive helps.

1.  I'm taking more walks, getting free Vitamin D and fresh air. (Benefits of Vitamin D)
2.  I can order my groceries online.  I greatly dislike going to the grocery store.
3.  I am not having to wear makeup.
4.  We are saving money by not eating out.

5.  We are saving even more money by not needing to buy gasoline.
6. I don't have to wash my hair every day since I'm not using product on it. (And just so you know, I have showered every day except one.)
7.  I have had time to sew, create, and pet my sweet cat, Lacy (pictured above).
8.  I finally had time to clean out my email.  I had about 1,000 messages.  Now I'm getting through my daily email and leaving with a clean email box each night.
9.  I'm spending more time with family.
10. I'm doing less laundry because I don't have to change outfits, and I can sometimes wear the same thing two days in a row.
11. No alarm clocks!

12. I don't have to have meaningless conversations with people when I go out because I'm staying in.
13. My family and I have had almost every evening meal at home at the dining room table.

I could probably think of more, but it's Thursday THIRTEEN, (not 14, 15, or 12).
Have a good time checking out other T13s.


  1. I realized the other day how much we've saved the last 2 months by not eating out. Another positive is nature getting a chance to breathe. We've been getting different kind of birds, some new, visiting our yard. Take care.

  2. i love the list! so many positive things in this circumstance. and I'm glad that you are still blogging. most people (indlucing me) have moved to FB and posts run too fast!


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