Saturday, April 11, 2020

Sunday Synopsis

Mad City: The True Story of the Campus Murders That America ForgotMad City: The True Story of the Campus Murders That America Forgot by Michael Arntfield
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Whew! Finally finished this book. I thought this book would never end. I guess it only took me about two weeks, but it was only 300-something pages, and it seemed to go on forever.

Also, the "blurb" on the book does not adequately describe the events in the story.
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I was under the impression there would be focus on the man who killed a University of Wisconsin co-ed (Christine) in 1968. But that is not the case. He started with that, then focused on a dozen or more murders occuring between 1968 and 1980-something. His multiple theories proved nothing. The co-ed's friend Linda spent forty years seeking her friend's killer, but she was not the focus on the story. The blurb made it seem like this man was a serial murderer in Madison that was killsing dozens of women. This was incorrect.

This book discusses a variety of murders and assaults occurring in Madison, Wisconsin, all unsolved, and it does so in a clinical way, almost like a textbook, using a lot of jargon in the criminal justice field. He throws in some famous serial murderers such as H. H. Holmes when there is no connection. Some of the focus is on Linda's obsession to find the man she thinks murdered her friend, but it is certainly not what I expected, not suspenseful or satisfying, and she certainly was unable to prevent him from committing another murder, if he even did as there is no proof.

The author rambled and rambled and some of it was written in technical jargon making it difficult to get through. I was disappointed.

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