Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Random (not) Tuesday

I missed Stacy's random quarantine post!  I can't imagine how Tuesday got away from me!  Oh, yeah.  Stay-at-home orders.  It's hard to remember what day it is.  It's Wednesday night as I type this.  Guess that's the rebel in me!  But hey, at least I'm taking a shower and getting dressed every day.  How about you?

Not my picture, by the way.  But the way I'm feeling.
I feel like I am gaining weight.  I used to walk a lot and burn a lot of calories at my part-time job, but I haven't been at work since March 17.  The last three days I have gone out for a short walk, but it's nothing compared to the exercise I was getting.  I'm doing a lot of sitting.  Surfing the Internet, coloring, sewing, reading.  You'd think this would be a great time to get all those things done that we say we don't have time to do such as clean out the closet, reorganize the book shelf, and so on.  But... no.  It's not happening.  I have a serious lack of motivation.  How about you?
This is a little skirt I made my 1 month old granddaughter.  Dad is a Rockets fan as are grammy and grandpa.

There's a lot of anxiety in my house right now.  Some of the symptoms of anxiety make me think, "Oh, my, gosh!  Do I have Covid-19?"  It's my panic setting in.  We are actually all well as of now.  I hope you are, too.  Stay safe, my friends!

This is literally how I felt about every meeting I had when I was teaching!

And just for fun...

Be well!

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