Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thursday Thirteen

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of living under stay-at-home orders.  However, I have to live with it like everyone else, so I'm going to focus on the positive by listing some things we CAN do.

1.  It's a good time to grow your bangs out!  You stylist really doesn't want you to cut them, anyway. Why not see how you look with long bangs?

2.  Binge-watch a new show.  For me, it's been Outlander and Better Call Saul.  I'm not sure where I'm going next.

3,  Learn a new skill.  I've been practicing my sewing and learning how to do more complicated patterns.  You could learn to play the piano.  You could teach a young person how to properly type on a keyboard, because, believe me, our schools here are no longer teaching that.

4.  Complete a family jigsaw puzzle.  I think I'm going to look for one we would all like and set it out on the table for whenever one of us wants to work on it.  I think we might like this one:
5.  Keep your mind sharp by completing a crossword puzzle.  (not the NYT puzzle, which is always difficult)  Here is a link to free, printable, crossword puzzles.

6.  Support a cause whether it is with money, work, items, or time. Do some research and discover where your heart leads you to help.  Volunteer Houston is already gearing up for "Stuff the Sleigh."

7. Write a letter and mail it.  You could write to a relative or even write to someone you don't know that needs some encouragement such as a soldier or health care worker.

8. Try some new recipes.  Or some old favorites.  We've had stuffed chicken, Taiwanese style chicken, and a seared flank steak, to name a few.

9.  Read a book in a genre you don't typically read.  For example, I usually read mystery fiction.  I am reading true crime nonfiction right now.

10. Plan your next vacation.  I wouldn't necessarily book it at this time, but it can be planned.  You know you will eventually get to go somewhere.  Where would you like to go and what would you like to do?  Here is a historical landmark I desperately want to visit.  Do you know what it is?

11. Organize!  Organize everything:  closets, junk drawers, pots and pans, craft supplies, tools, the garage, whatever!

12. Do something active such as taking a walk (if you are able) or watching and joining a YouTube workout.

13.  Pray, meditate, or do a devotional study.  There are plenty online that are free such as Daily Devo and Today's Encouraging Word.  I have been using YouVersion on my phone for my daily devotional.

Whatever you decide to do, do it well.  And be safe!  And click here for more Thursday Thirteen!

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