Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Random Tuesday

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How is everyone's stay-at-home going?  Ours is about the same.  Our governor opened State Parks today as long as people are only there with family, maintaining social distance from other families, and I think they have to wear masks outside.  I think it's too soon.  For me, anyway.

So, day in and day out, we continue to follow a very simple routine.  One day is very much like the next.  But we are all safe, healthy, and mostly sane!

I feel bad for all of my teacher friends who will not be returning to school this year.  Teachers wanted to go back to school and see their students to say goodbye.  I'm sure the students would have liked a chance to say goodbye, too.  No closure, especially for teachers and students moving on to other campuses.

Oh, and little did I know that the store where I worked my part-time job has been open this whole time!  They're allowing up to 20 customers at a time, which seems like a lot.  They have limited hours, and I'm sure limited staff.  I wouldn't have wanted to put myself in harm's way, but I thought about going back once the biggest part of the threat is over.  I had called in sick two days (not two in a row, but two different days) right before the stay-at-home went into effect, so they wanted a doctor's note from me, which I didn't have.  I thought they would call me again if they were open.  I guess not.  Oh, well.  Maybe I will call them next month if the numbers are declining enough.

Then again, since I am retired from teaching, I can go anywhere I want whenever I want when I am not working.  I would love to go to Dallas and Austin to visit our daughters, one who is planning a wedding, and one who just had my darling granddaughter 7 weeks ago.
She is so precious!

What are your estimates for being able to return to some semblance of normal?  I hear the reporters, doctors, and the government with their ideas, but they don't seem to agree.  What do you think?

And now...

And just so it's not all covid-related...

I just love puns!

Have a great week!

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