Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Random Tuesday

I actually made it in time for Tuesday this week!  Let's link up with Stacy for some random nonsense!

I've still managed to take a shower every day even though I'm not washing my hair every day.  Between you and me, I actually went three days without washing my hair.  I've never done that before!  But it's our little secret.

Like you, most of my days are pretty much the same (see above).  It's not completely true, because I've been on some walks and done a few creative things, but it's really hard to tell one day from the next.  I even forgot to post my Sunday Synopsis yesterday, and I actually had one ready!,(It's coming next week.)
This is so true!
Is anyone else having trouble sleeping?  Even with some pharmaceutical assistance, I find it very hard to get sleepy.  I still like to sleep and nap, but I just don't feel sleepy.  I guess it's because I'm just hanging around the house all day.
Fitting ... and my favorite holiday comedy.
I am curious about whether any of my neighbors have COVID-19.  I can see the cases by county, but I want something more specific.  None of my friends have indicated that they have it.  Do you know anyone?

 I'm thankful that most people recover.  But one thing I want to know is do the doctors put someone on a ventilator if they are having trouble breathing even if they have a DNR order (do not resuscitate). I'd also like to know the percentage of people who come OFF the ventilator.  If you know these answers or where to find them, please let me know.

Easter is next weekend, and it may seem like it's no big deal, but Jesus is risen whether we can go outside, attend church, or have Easter egg hunts. I don't have any little ones to make baskets for, but if I did, that's what I would be doing this week. I guess I can go ahead and try making some wedding centerpieces and work on a dress for my granddaughter.  Sending you Easter blessings.

And now this:

Have a great week!

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  1. I have a good friend who lost her BIL to the virus and read on a blogger's site that her ex-husband might have it. They are waiting the results but the doctor said he'd probably be okay. A good number of people are recovering which is a great but according to stats found on Wiki shows Florida residents (about 300) who contracted it have died. I wonder if that's because they were older people. We're staying in. DH works from home. This is his third week. I'm sure this will be the norm right through to May. Stay safe and healthy, my friend!


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