Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Random Tuesday

Howdy!  I'm going to link up with Stacy for some random nonsense!

Well, it happened.  My computer crashed.  And I didn't have all of my documents and pictures saved on One Drive or a USB device.

I know! I know!  How could I let that happen?  But... at least I have most of my other information save through Google.  It's going to be a pain having to organize all of my photos, if I am able to retrieve all of them.  I guess I'll be spending some hours doing what I can.

And another tragedy... we are almost out of Charmin and will have to resort to bargain brand toilet paper soon.

So... the state of Texas is going into phase I of reopening on Friday, May 1.  Retail, restaurants, and movie theater can operate at 25% capacity.  I don't know how they plan to control that.

I was under the impression the cases should drop for fourteen days in a row before going into phase I, and we are continuing to go up.  We haven't met the criteria.  Governor Abbott has other ideas.  I need to remember that just because something is open doesn't mean I have to go there. 

I live in the third largest county in the nation, and JUST YESTERDAY we had a requirement to wear masks.  Why didn't they do that at the beginning of all this?  And when the state reopens Friday, the governor's plans supersede all other mandates, so no more masks required.  People aren't following the order anyway, and stores aren't enforcing it, apparently.

I just want this all to end, as do many of you, I'm sure.  I want to see my children, mom, sister, and granddaughter.  I want to continue planning my other daughter's wedding.  Yes, I'm whining.

I'll stop now.

And how about some cat humor?

Have a great week!

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