Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

I mentioned on my blog not too long ago that I have been having strange dreams.  Some of them are downright disturbing.  Some are just plain crazy.  These are some details from my dream last night.  Thank goodness it was just a dream!

1.  I dreamed I had a purple car.
2.  In my dream, I was inebriated, and forgot where I left my car.  BTW, I rarely drink adult beverages!
3.  My car was in a run-down parking garage.
4.  I had to pay to get my car out.
5.  Apparently, the night before I had been "charged" with some misdemeanor crime and had dealt with the police about it, but I have no idea what I did.
6.  Maybe because I was too inebriated.
7.  My mom helped me find my car.
8.  Before I lost the car, I was on a "date" of some kind.
9.  Part of that date time was spent washing dishes and organizing someone's kitchen.
10. Instead of leaving with my date, I left alone and went home.  Angry, I think.
11. I was living around a college campus.
12. The garage where my car was parked had numerous concrete staircases on the outside of the building.
13. The garage attendants were of a differently nationality than I, and their office didn't smell good.  It was also very crowded.

I could probably list more crazy details, but since it's Thursday 13, I'll stop here.


  1. Wow, that is different. lol

    Wonder what it all means. lol

  2. Hmmm... a lot going on in one dream. LOL

  3. And I thought I had crazy, active dreams! *g*


  4. Sounds like a stress dream to me!

  5. Wow- what a dream that was!

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  6. I checked (several) sources for dream interpretation re: vehicle symbolism. Yikes. You should be worried.

  7. Sounds like a Law & Order episode I saw recently saw. Have you been watching late night reruns?

  8. it's crazy enough to be able to remember 13 details in one dream. and you still have more?

  9. A purple car huh, that would be kind of cool! :)


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