Sunday, May 01, 2011

My Poor Kitty (and more)

Sweet Lacy has two puncture wounds on her front, right leg.  (Graphic picture follows - may want to scroll past).

She went out in the garage or on the back porch a little over a month ago.  My husband lets her out.  She's supposed to be an indoor kitty.  We heard a crash and she came tearing inside.  She had a little knot on her arm/leg and was limping, but we couldn't find an actual wound.

Well, days and weeks go by, and she's been licking at her leg.  We see she's got not one, but two wounds.  We thought they were cuts.  We took her to the vet.  They couldn't see anything too worrisome.

Fast forward a couple of more weeks. The "cuts" have gotten worse, puffy, oozing, bleeding.  We're back at the vet.  They shave her leg.  There are two huge puncture wounds on her leg.  I have to giver her anti-biotics by mouth and ointment on the wounds, and she'll have to wear her cone until it heals.  She has some pain medicine if we feel it is necessary.  We had to see the vet three time for this incident!

My poor fur baby! Please pray she gets well soon.

And while you're praying, and on a much more serious note, a friend of mine has a daughter who is in ICU at Texas Children's suffering brain trauma from an ATV accident that happened Saturday night.  Please pray for Jenny (she's the one in the middle).  She is one of my daughter's very good friends.


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