Monday, May 23, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

5 Minutes for Mom makes housework bloggable!  Check out Tackle it Tuesday.

This week I tackled my refrigerator.  I took out all the food, got rid of what we no longer needed, cleaned the shelves, and reorganized like items with like items in the proper spaces.  Doesn't look like much, but I sure felt better when it was over!  Just having the sticky shelves clean again is an accomplishment!
What did you tackle this week?


  1. On Tuesdays I tackle my aunt - enough said? LOL no seriously your frig looks great!

  2. Great Job! I agree, a clean refrigerator is absolutely wonderful. I need to clean mine soon. LOL

  3. Oh man do I ever need to do this!

  4. oh how i love love love a clean refrigerator. mine gets a good toss and scrub every Sunday night, garbage man comes on Monday and i do all market shopping on Tuesdays!


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