Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday Confessional

I confess…

I’m not one of those women who can wear a nice dress with no pantyhose. My legs are just too pale! And it just doesn’t look right on me.  I've tried twice in the last week to wear a skirt with no hosiery, and I just couldn't do it!  Most of the women I know look great in their dresses with no pantyhose, but, I’m not so lucky. Besides, I hate the way that my dress shoes feel on my bare feet.

I confess...

I am SICK of basketball!  I usually enjoy watching basketball, particularly the Rockets, but these NBA finals are seemingly endless!  And at this point, none of the teams I like are still in it, so I really don't care who wins.  But if there is a game on, it is on in our house, and I am sooooo tired of it!  I want to be in charge of the TV.  Ha!  Like that'll ever happen!

And I confess...

I am counting the days until school is out.  Nine school days, including today.  Two weeks.  I have had a (mostly) good school year, but I am ready for summer.  We started in August, and we go back again this year in mid-August, but I need a break!  It's one of the few perks of teaching... that, and having the same hours as my children, for the most part.  And, NO, I don't get paid for not working in the summer, so what I do instead is have my school-year salary spaced out over 24 pay periods so I continue to have a regular income.  Basically, what I get paid for in the summer is payment for hours I've already worked.  I wish more people understood that.

Time to confess with Mamrazzi and Glamazon!  You'll feel better!


  1. YESSSS on that last one! Wish more people understood that about our profession :). We have nine days left of school too - WOO HOO!

    (popping over from Friday Confessional!)

  2. i can't do hose. isn't that funny. i can do tights in the Winter.

    try a lotion that has a little bit of a shimmer...that might help!


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