Friday, April 01, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011The Ultimate Blog Party, 2011, is underway at 5 Minutes for Mom. It's a great way to discover new blogs, reconnect with blogs you've lost touch with, and get exposure for your blog. Oh! And let's not forget the PRIZES!

In case you're new here, welcome! I'm Forgetfulone. Feel free to read my "about me" page to get to know the vital stats. My blog is an eclectic mix of posts - from posts about family, movies, books, and vacations to posts about recipes, scrapbooking, and other hobbies - with a few memes and reviews mixed in here and there. Like I said... eclectic!

Here are a few posts you may enjoy:
My very first post - from December. 2005.
A poem I wrote.
A book review.

A post about family and friends. I can't wait to make new bloggy friends!

Back to the prizes... I'm crazy about those $100 Visa cards that the featured sponsors are giving away this year. Those $25 and $50 Amazon and Target gift cards are also on my wish list, as well as the blog redesign. But there are so many other prizes this year! Have you seen this list? I am giving away Gilmore Girls: The Complete 1st Season (boxed DVD set). Head over to 5 Minutes for Mom to find out how to enter to win.

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  1. You are my kind of gal! I LOVE Gilmore Girls. Enjoy the party.

  2. so, I'm your new best friend all because you are giving away Gilmore Girls. I LOVE Gilmore Girls :-) Happy party!

  3. Thanks for your assistance with Twitter. ;) I hope you have an awesome time and week.

  4. Hello! Love your blog and just hit "Follow" button. Find me at

  5. Stopping by from the UBP. So nice to meet you and your eclectic tastes! This is my first UBP, and I'm enjoying it. :)

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts


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