Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Last week I wrote about thirteen things that I really like (since I'd just finished a "favorite things" swap).  I mentioned I might write thirteen things I don't like, so here I go!

1.  Grading Papers - Everyone who isn't a teacher thinks grading papers is fun.  I thought it was fun for about the first year or two.  I teach grammar, reading, and writing, and after 22 years, and we typically have over 100 students, so it's not fun anymore!   I'd rather plan lessons or do other paperwork, if I must.  But the parents and administrators insist I give grades.  *sigh*
2.  Red Wine - Unless it has fruit juice in it (Sangria is good).
3.  Mornings - I'd rather stay up late than get up early.
4.  Dishonesty - Especially from the people I love and/or trust.  I just can't tolerate it.  I'm not talking the "white lie" here.  I mean blatant dishonesty.  Can't stand it!  Luckily, it's a rare occurance at home, but it happens a lot at work.
5.  Toast Crumbs in the Butter - bugs me.  Speaking of bugs...

6.  Being Cold - And my husband likes the thermostat on Arctic temperatures.  I'm so thankful for blankets!
7.  Mosquitos - Does anyone need an explanation?
8.  Pitchers - I don't like when people say "pitchers" when they mean "pictures."
9.  Coffee - I know, I know!  I just never developed a taste for it in any form  including coffee-flavored ice cream.
10.  Brussels Sprouts - Whose idea was that?
11. Geometry - I just don't get it!
12. Lady GaGa - I just can't take anyone seriously whose name sounds like baby talk.
13.  Grocery Shopping - I'd rather clean the toilets or do laundry!

This was harder than I thought, coming up with this many things I don't like.  Next week, I'm going to be more positive like I was last week.  Click here for more Thursday Thirteen!


  1. I'm going to have to disagree with you on 12, 6, and 13.

    I'd MUCH rather clean toilets than do laundry.

    Happy Tt.

  2. Anyone who wants to clean my toilet I'll happily do your laundry or buy your groceries.

    Hey, that could be a good business opportunity, organize a chore swap. I'll have to go look into that.

    Happy TT,

    Guest: Kimberley Troutte

  3. There are two things in life I simply can't tolerate, and that's a thief, or a liar. My kids have this ingrained in their memory banks lol
    Happy T13!

  4. Yeah, grading sucks! I have 23 analysis papers to grade as we speak. :(

  5. I use to dread grocery shopping until I started using coupons. I love looking at the receipts now.

  6. I'm with you in 2,3,5,9,10. and 13, yeah, wish we could just fast for a month or two and not go near a grocery store.

  7. Toast crumbs in the butter made me laugh because it is kind of icky. I hate being cold and while I love the smell of coffee, I just cannot get into the taste. There are so many people who do not like grocery shopping - I don't get it! I LOVE grocery shopping (maybe a little too much, which is why my husband does it when I can't go!).

  8. I used to help my mother grade papers back in the day before computers scanned answer sheets. Yeah, it was a pain.

  9. Those were good! Wouldn't it be fun if you could write whatever came to mind when you were reading a students paper... big read pen writing SERIOUSLY, what were you thinking? at the top of the paper. Guess that wouldn't do much for the student though huh. ha ha.

    No coffee huh, cool by me, it just means more for me if we ever get to meet :)


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