Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Confessional

It's the end of a long week... time to confess!

I confess...

I didn't write my confessional last week.  I had an 8:00 doctor appointment Friday morning (UTI if that's not TMI!), and I am soooo not a happy camper in the mornings.  I had to go directly from there to work, and I just said, "To heck with it."

I confess...

Tuesday night, I had finished dinner, cleanup, making lunches for the next day, getting a few groceries, and was in my pajamas sitting on the couch by - get this - 7:20 PM.  Yup, it had been a long day!

I confess...

On Wednesday, I wore navy blue socks with my black shoes.  This was by design.  The shoes I wore completely cover my feet, plus my jeans cover the top of the shoes (Yay for jeans day at work!).  And the navy socks I have are so comfy!

And last, I confess...

The Internet is making me lazy!  Blogs, Facebook, Goodreads, and many more websites, keep me from being my normal, organized, productive self!  In the time BI (Before Internet), I was always busy!  You could find me ironing, cleaning, cooking, sewing, working out, swimming, taking jazzercise or tae kwon do (brown belt), crafting, or even watching a movie or (gasp!) playing with my children.  Now I just get on my computer every day.  Oh, I still do some of those other "pre-historic" activities, but I just feel like a lazy slug most of the time!

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  1. busy week girl!! i need a nap just reading it!

    you were missed last week, thanks for linking up!!

  2. Some days I am the same way: all I want to do is surf the net and catch up on blogs, etc. I sometimes have to force myself to close browsers and get to work. Happy Friday!

  3. I love being able to get into my jammy jams early. It's just a nice way to totally wind down and watch Dancing With The Stars, haha

    I always wear neon socks to work, my boots cover them so idc - I don't claim to be much of a fashionista!

  4. I often find that I turn to the internet because it doesn't require as much effort as reading a book does. And I love reading. There are times when the interwebs are just easier.

  5. I agree sometimes it is hard to do everything.

    I know I have to take a little break next week to get things done I need to.

    I hope you have an enjoyable weekend after such a busy week.

  6. Dang I have become way underproductive due to blogging and facebook since I got my laptop that makes it 10 times worse....I have to hide my laptop from me during the day so as to not get consumed.

  7. Your Tuesday night sounds like heaven to me!

    I am visiting from Mamarazzi's blog.

    ~Ricki Jill

  8. I confess that if I started writing about life BI (Before Internet) and AI (After Internet) I'd never end this comment.

    UTIs hate cranberries or so I'm told.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I think the internet can be contributed to most of my distractions as well. I'm sure I would be MUCH more productive without it...but that wouldn't be any fun! So, I'm ok w/ my "distractions". :)

    Hope you have a good weekend!!

  10. I am soooo lazy because of fb & blogs... wonder if I will ever do anything about it??? LOL

    You still seem pretty darn busy, WAY more productive then me :)


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